Beater Board Reviews You Shouldn’t Miss

Fill your summer with exploration and adventure. There can be nothing exciting other than cutting through the sharp breeze of the sea on a hot summer day.

The fun can be accelerated to a greater extent with the right beater board in your hands. But for getting the best one you need to go through this beater board reviews.

Beater boards are incredibly flexible boards that can help you nail the black ball line in the Californian sea.

FYI: Blackball is a yellow flag with a black ball in the middle of it. It is lifted by the lifeguards to implement restrictions on the surfers during the time of summer. 

However, if this is your first time with a beater board, you might find yourself in a bewildered state of mind. But trust me this is the best thing that can happen to you on your way to ride the wave spontaneously. 

We are here to help you find the most appropriate beater board for you. Our beater board reviews will make sure you snatch the best one and glide with the sea. 

What is A Beater Board? 

Beater boards are a combination of a bodyboard and surfboard. The structure and functionality of a beater board lie somewhere in between these two boards. 

Surfers can ride on beater boards while standing, kneeling, or even lying. It can be maneuvered in different ways which give riders excellent resilience and ultimate freedom.

Beater boards can have any adult enjoy a marvelous trip under any condition. Although it is said to be suitable for any kind of wave, the best fun comes when you surf on 3ft+ waves. 

Moreover, you can easily customize the number of fins according to your style and need. Beater boards come in three fin configurations – single fin, twin fin, and no fin configuration.

Even if you purchase a beater board with no fin, you can always convert it to a twin fin beater board or vice versa using the fin kits.  

Hence, beater boards are suitable for different types of surfers like sharp surfers who like it fast, sliders, and surfers who like to go easy. 

Are Beater Boards Good for Beginners?

Beater boards offer a wide variety of use. Surfers of any experience from beginners to professional level can enjoy the flexibility of beater boards. 

It may take a little time and effort in the beginning, once mastered there is nothing more exciting than riding on a beater board. 

Top 2 Beater Board Reviews

We aren’t making this content overwhelming for you because here we have recommended only 2 professional beater boards. Now, let’s dig into the review part.

1. Catch Beater Finless Surfing Boards 

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Turn your regular beach days into an awesome adventure. With the Catch Surf Beater Finless, it is more fun and durable than ever. This unisex finless beater model is available in all-new colors to suit your personality. 

These beater boards are designed keeping all 80’s patterns in mind. They have got full prints, retro patterns, and everything all between.

Because too many unique features are crafted here, Beater surfing boards decided to cut off the regular shape of the board. 

Surfers enjoy the flexibility of this board within different reefs, shores, or breaks of the wave.

Good or not this beater board is suitable in any harsh environment. You can have all the fun you want, still, the results will be satisfying. 

With Catch Beater Finless Surfing Boards, you don’t have to worry about durability. This sturdy board is fit to handle any scratches, notch, and breaks all the way long. It is made keeping the most vulnerable situation in mind. 

Key Features

Dual-Core: Catch Beater Finless surfing board is featured with dual maple plywood stringers. Maple plywood is best known for its stability and durability. It also offers an amazing consistency. 

High-Density Bottom: Its high-density bottom offers a more reliable and flexible surfing experience for surfers of all skills. It ensures protection and a stable grip for surfers in the long waves. 

Long Fins: You can customize this beater surfing with two different fin models.

Single fin models are available with 4.5 raked fins and twin fin models are available with 3.5 keel fins. Both of them are sturdy for sudden drives and sharp turns.

Mini Foam Board: This beater catch surfing board is featured with a mini foam board. It is extremely comfortable and feasible, to begin with.

Most of all, this mini foam is durable and makes you feel fit in the grip under any circumstances.

Pros & Cons

  • Experimental shape with higher flexibility. 
  • Durable constructions and materials. 
  • Higher efficiency and satisfying performance. 
  • Suitable for any harsh conditions. 
  • Available in different colors and sizes. 
  • Available in 5 feet only. 

Final Thought

It is suitable for any harsh uses. Because the catch beater is made of unique design and shape, it is tamed well by professionals.

Beginners may find it hard to ride on it on the first try. However, for flexibility and performance, it is awesome, to begin with.

2. Catch Surf Beater Twin Fin

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Are you looking for some heavy-duty surfboards? Edges that can cut through the force of any waves?

Say no more! Catch Surf Beater Twin Fin is an amazing 54 inches longboard to make your beach day memorable. It is fast, slim, and takes the hard beating for you. 

Around 2018, there were a lot of talks going on surrounding this board. And the impression goes on up until now.

As famous as it may sound, this board is incredibly popular among surfers. It is super fast, offers higher efficiency and premium performance. 

This twin fin model is suitable for surfers with any skill level. From beginners to professionals, anyone can ride on this beauty with full flexibility and ultimate force.

It is an all-purpose customizable shred stick known for higher flexibility and freedom of control. 

At first, this board may feel a bit tough, to begin with. But once you get used to it, you will feel the wilderness of the sea beside your ear. This is going to offer you an unforgettable experience you are ever going to have. 

Key Features

Customizable Shred Stick: This Beater twin fin surfboard offers a customizable shred stick. It is easy to control in the waves and you can manipulate it to your extreme flexibility.  

Finless Performance: The twin fin model does contain fins. However, with the tapered D rails and its twin-channel crescent tail, you will feel the ultimate finless experience with this Catch beater model. 

Slick Skin: This Beater surfboard is resistant to impact and most other external forces. This is due to the HDPE Slick skin it is made of. This layer is very durable and premium in quality. 

Removable Fins: It is featured with smooth pup thru customizable fins, available in single and dual fin models only. Also, the fins are associated with the Beater Pro model keel fins, best known for their slick performance. 

Pros & Cons

  • Fast and durable. 
  • Suitable for surfers of any skill. 
  • Retro appearance. 
  • Simple with catching waves.
  • Compact and reliable. 
  • Requires wax for grip. 

Final Thought

Although it is a bit tough, to begin with, beginners may struggle at first. However, with proper practice, this surfboard will become your best adventurous partner. It is durable, reliable, and always fit to go. 

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Buyer’s Guide on the Best Beater Board

Beater boards are extremely flexible for surfers of different skill sets. However, if this is the first time you are about to buy a beater board, you should follow our buyer’s guide to having the most suitable beater board for yourself. 


Beater boards come in two different sizes; 48 inches length and 54 inches length. 

A Beater board with 48 inches length is larger than a regular bodyboard. It is suitable for kids, young surfers, and short people. The other one with 54 inches in length is ideal for tall surfers, professionals, and teenagers. 

If you are about to ride on a beater board for the first time, it is wise to go with the 48 inches of beater board. This will allow you to gain more control over your beater board with regular tough practice. 


We mentioned earlier in our article that most beater boards come with three fin models, finless, single fin, and two fin models. 

You can subsequently convert a finless model into a double fin model, based on your requirement.

Beater boards with single fin models come with 4.5 inches sweep fins, while beater boards with double fins feature two soft removable 3.5 inches pop keel fins. 

If you are an advanced surfer with fast performance in mind and can perform kickflips, you should aim for single and double fin beater boards. For surfers who like it slow and steady, they should go for finless beater boards. 


Manufacturers hardly provide any leash with the beater boards. There remains a leash plug with every beater board. Hence, you have to purchase the leash separately. 

You can find premium leashes on the official websites beater boards. The leash should be slightly larger than your beater board. They come in 5 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft.   

How much weight can a beater board hold?

Beater boards can hold up to 80 lbs to 220 lbs. 

Both 48 inches and 54 inches of beater boards are the same. The main difference comes in their volume. Surfers who prefer 54 inches beater board can ride smoothly around 220 lbs.

For small kids within 80 lbs, 48 inches beater boards will be an ideal choice. 

How much does a beater board cost?

Beater boards come in two types; standard beater boards and pro beater boards.

Standard beater boards range from $150-$200 whereas pro beater boards cost around $250-$300. For any intermediate surfers or beginners, standard beater boards are a wise selection. 

Pro beater boards are ideal for professionals and advanced surfers. 

What is the best beater board?

The best beater is highly durable and constructed with quality material. Here the combination of other parts is maintained perfectly.

Moreover, both the professionals and beginners get good advantages using it. However, we have already recommended the 2 best beater boards.

To get more ideas please read the reviews and guide.

How do you put fins on a beater board? 

There are different fin installation kits for beater boards. Many professionals and technicians will offer you standard help to install or remove fins from your beater board. 

You can also have your twin fin kits and fin removal kits to have instant support at home anytime anywhere. This may cost you a few bucks extra but you can avoid going to professional shops frequently. 

Further Reading

Final Verdict 

Beater boards are exceptionally fun and full of flexibility. Beginners can easily take a knack for it. With a little practice and patience, you can easily create a fondness for beater boards. 

Bodyboards and surfboards are dedicated to certain styles. But when it comes to beater boards, there is no limit to boundaries. For any kind of wave conditions, beater boards can nail the track for you. 

We have mentioned one of the best beater boards in our beater board reviews. We hope next time you hop in the sea for summer, you can enjoy some quality time with extreme fun and flexibility. 

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