Best Fish Surfboard for Beginners – All-time Best Expert Suggested items

It is always a struggle for beginners to find the best beginner fish surfboard at the very beginning of the surf journey. There are so many varieties and thousands of choices that beginners might often find it hard, to begin with. 

Our guide here will help you with five different fish surfboards. These best 5 fish surfboards are premium in quality and are very useful within the progressive learning nature of beginners. 

What is a Fish Surfing board?

Fish Surfboard is a type of surfing board that has a narrow front, a wide side in the middle, and a narrow end. Which is basically the shape of the fish and the end is like the tail of the fish.

The unique feature of this type of surfboard is that it can be surfed with both short and long waves. Its stability makes board riding easier and more comfortable. So, the newcomers get it more beneficial.

Also, it is thicker and wider than the normal surfboard but denser inside and it eventually helps to increase the riding skills perfectly.

What volume fish surfboard should I get?

Many people love to ride onboard in the sea. Some of them are new riders and many are experienced. It is strongly associated with body weight as it is ridden in tandem with the height of the waves.

For example, if the weight of a New Beginner is 60 kg, then he has to adjust the board by measuring the liters by adjusting it with that volume.

In the case of an experienced person, he will be able to determine the volume with a balance of 30-40% in keeping with his body.

Therefore, while buying a board, you must look at the density, height, width, etc. of the board, because it should be bought in balance with the rider for the sake of caution and safety.

Types of Fish Surfboards

Before getting into the main review, let’s learn about the types of fish surfboards.

Retro fish surfboard

A retro fish surfboard has been available for many years and the board is being modernized day by day and it is said to be the original surfboard for fish surfing.

The retro fish surfboard is great for those who want to search for a shortboard but has the capability of buoyancy.

Normally, these kinds of fish surfboards have a classic shape that can attract many users. And these surfboards have a normally stylish shape. 

Hybrid Fish surfboard

The hybrid fish surfboard is sometimes the best suited for a slight trembling movement.

The main cause behind these is this kind of fish board is used for more buoyancy capability and most of these surfboards are fast and responsive for more invective turns. 

Foam fish surfboard

If the user wants to entertain his journey by surfing then he can choose a foam fish surfboard. This fish surfboard is perfect for those who want short boarding.

And the foam fish surfboard has the utmost ability for floatation and the rider can be able to paddle against smaller surges and slit it up.

The Rundown

Best for Quick Surf: Formula Fun – Shortboard Fish 

Everyone is busy in their routine life. However, when it comes to formula fun, there are no limitations. You can use it just before you are about to join work. It is super friendly and safe for beginners in their first trials. 

Best Against All Kinds of Waves: Paragon Surfboards Retro Fish Surfboard

Paragon Retro Fish surfboard is extremely fun and effective to surf on. From beginners to professionals, all love the texture and high-performance shape of this board.

It works incredibly sharp and fast against all kinds of waves. 

Best for All Kinds of Surfers: Wavestorm -Soft Top Foam Surfboard 

Wavestorm soft top foam is a flexible and comfortable surfboard. It is suitable for surfers with any skill level. Be it, beginners, with the excitement to start surfing or professionals to practice regularly. 

Best for Better Flexibility: Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Retro Fish 

It is ideal for smaller waves. However, even if the sea starts to offer big waves, it is always good with wave bandit retro fish. They can adapt instantly from shorter waves to larger waves. 

Best for new riders and all weights and ages people: Wave Bandit Retro Fish surfboard 

This Bandit surfboard is very comfortable and enjoyable for new riders as it ensures proper weight balance. And through this, they can easily learn how to ride.

5 Best Fish Surfboard for Beginners

Now it’s time to introduce today’s pick.

1. Formula Fun – Shortboard Fish 

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Formula Fun Shortboard is a popular fish shortboard among youngsters. It has every stat of an ideal regular board. But you will have it better without the weight and wax on it.

This formula fun fish board is extremely flexible and reliable. It can be used for a vacation or an exciting shred just before you go to work. Get the main features of this surfboard below.

Key Feature

  • Zero Wax, Less Expensive: This formula fun – shortboard fish have no place for regular wax. It has less weight compared to other boards and also comes in at a reasonable price. 
  • Premium Construction: It is made of rigid and waterproof copolymer foam. Also, the future fins are assembled for higher performance. 
  • Solid Stringer System: It is very impressive that the solid stringer system in this fish board is custom-made. They are made of the same wooden board used in the surfboards. 
  • EVA Deck:  The EVA deck featured comes with mini grooves. They ensure a slip-free surface making it comfortable and safe for beginners. 

Pros & Cons

  • Easily transportable. 
  • Does not absorb water. 
  • Excellent grip, slip-free surface. 
  • Environmental friendly. 
  • Budget-friendly. 
  • No use of wax. 
  • Available in 5 feet only. 

2. Paragon Surfboards Retro Fish Surfboard 

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When style meets performance, you name it Paragon Retro Fish Surfboard. It is made to cover the most unstable and weaker waves. 

Once you get a hold of this beautiful retro fish board, you can easily maneuver smooth and intense turns. And, when it comes to appearance, this retro fish board is on a whole new level. 

Key Features

  • High-Quality Build-up: It is featured with twin fin boxes, a bottom concave (single to double), a 6oz top, and a high-quality finish. All these features make this retro fish board ideal for high performance and speed. 
  • Strong and Durable: This fish board is made of special epoxy glass, which makes it extremely lightweight and durable. It is proven to be suitable against all kinds of waves. 
  • Simple and Secure Paddling: It can secure surfers around 200 lbs. This fish board is nicely suited for beginners who are trying to start the adventure. 
  • Fast and Fun: This board is extremely beneficial for small waves. It creates speed and sharp moves against all kinds of small to average waves.  

Pros & Cons

  • Simple and bold appearance. 
  • High performance. 
  • Durable and meant for speed. 
  • Suitable against all kinds of waves. 
  • Lightweight and easily manageable. 
  • Available in one color only. 

3. Wavestorm-Soft Top Foam Surfboard 

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Tall fish boards can be challenging for beginners. While shorter ones can be hard to handle for slick moves.

If you are looking for an ideal size for your fishboard, we highly recommend you go with Wavestrom Soft Top Foam Surfboard. 

It is a fish swallow tail surfboard, suitable for beginners and all levels of skill sets. Now, let’s explore the key features of this user-friendly fish surfboard for beginners.

Key Features

  • Impressive Float and Maneuverability: These fishtails are built with enough volume within the core, around the center. This offers high floatability and better control over the board. 
  • No Resin or Urethane: There is no presence of harmful chemicals like resin or urethane in this fishboard. It is extremely safe and environmentally friendly to use. 
  • Rigid EPS Core: There are triple stringers present in this surfboard. It makes the foam core extremely solid, powerful, and intriguing.
  • High-Density Slick Bottom: The slick bottom featured in this board is of high density for stable rigidity. You can enjoy some smooth moves against different sea conditions. 
  • U.V Resistant Graphic Deck: It is made of apparent U.V Resistant Graphic Deck it retains the color of the deck and serves for years. 

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for all kinds of surfers. 
  • Durable and reliable. 
  • Can surf against different kinds of waves. 
  • U.V resistant deck for durability. 
  • Offers smooth turns. 
  • Slightly heavy. 

4. Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Retro Fish 

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It’s always fun to carry something exceptionally funky and playful. The next Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Retro Fish has a beautiful classic design and can hold the right moment for you. 

It is your next perfect retro fish board for mini summer surf. From smaller to large waves, it can hold just fine for you with an additional drive. 

Key Features 

  • Maximum Stiffness: This board is featured with double wood stringers. Other features also include a compact core built with high pressure. It offers ultimate stiffness and rigidity. 
  • Comes with Fin: There are two pairs of sturdy fins included with the package. They help you with better control and flexibility over the board. 
  • Swallow Tail: Not all the fish boards offer swallowtails. The swallowtails are extremely feasible for creating smooth and butter-like cuts against small and blunt waves. 
  • High-Density Slick Bottom:  This Ben Gravy Retro Fish is featured with a high-density slick bottom. It is essential for maintaining stability and rigidity of course. 

Pros & Cons

  • Retro appearance.  
  • Offers maximum rigidity. 
  • Extra drive for large waves. 
  • Tough grip. 
  • Durable and budget-friendly. 
  • Required wax for grip (Not included) 

5. Wave Bandit Retro Fish surfboard 

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The Wave Bandit Retro Fish is a 5.8 inch long and high-quality surfboard. It is a classically designed surfboard that is much more suitable for beginners. Plus, it ensures maximum comfort to the rider.

Its specialty is its fish shape that is attractive and suitable for surfing with ease. Moreover, it is constructed by a twin wooden stringer and a high-pressure construction core.

Let’s get a few more features of this one of the best fish surfboards.

Key Features

  • Unique shape: It’s like a fish shape and has a shallow tail. As a result, it looks as unique as it can surf in large waves. Plus, It is built with a classic design.
  • Dense Surf Board: This Bandit product is made of dense and long-lasting wood. It is suitable for all riders of all ages and weights.
  • Combines high-quality ingredients: Made with twin wooden strings, it is much more popular than other surfboards because it is not only durable but also rider-friendly.
  • Perfect Weight Balance: The wave surfing board weighs 6.69 kilograms that is ideal. Which can surf with the waves of water which is useful for any age or weight and is also easy to carry.
  • High color quality: The color quality on Wave Fish Surfboard is much better. It looks as bright as new even after a long time of use. Besides, the color in Turquoise is also standard and high-quality.

Pros & Cons

  • It provides a 30-day warranty.
  • Item Dimensions 68 x 22 x 2.13 inches which is perfect for surfing.
  • High-quality twin wood that is long-lasting.
  • Concentrated surfboard and high-quality color available.
  • User-friendly shape.
  • Suitable for all types of ages, weights, and beginners.
  • Not for riders under 16.
  • Do not ride without knowing the usage rules.

Buying Guide for the Best Beginning Fish Surfboard 

Now some tips for you before you buy one. Must read the facts below.

Consider the Core facts

At the time of buying a fish surfboard, the user has to consider the depth of the rails as well as the middle point of the surfboard.

A user also has to consider the measurement of the board from side to side which is another main factor. The fish surfboard which has more width is more capable of buoyancy and then the user will easily paddle the board.

There is another significant factor which is the volume of the surge that the user is making a plan to ride.

Consider the Types and Surges

If the rider makes planning for lesser than 3 to 5 feet surges then he should use the Retro fish surfboard. But if the rider wants to surf more than 3 feet surges then he should pick a Hybrid fish surfboard.

Figure out your Capabilities

Before purchasing a surfboard, a rider should figure out some important things. Firstly, he or she should examine how he or she is capable of fish surfing.

Besides these, his/her rider’s biological condition also play an important role such as his body weight, height, and most importantly how his endurance is for surfing

Small Waves or Longer Waves

You should know that a retro fish surfboard is best suited to surf against smaller waves.

On the other hand, a Hybrid fish surfboard is capable of long waves and this surfboard’s length is pretty enough for larger waves. A hybrid fish surfboard is usable for excessive floatation.

If a buyer searches for an ideal fish surfboard, then the better surfboard for him will have better buoyancy capability and at the same time has the looseness. 

Choose The Ideal one According to Your Weight and Height

The best fish surfboard will be shorter. But at the same time, it has to be the buoyancy capability. In this regard, the surfboard of above 5 inches but under 6 inches will be best.

It also needs to be noted that the perfect surfboard depends on the user’s body weight and height. For example, for a taller person, 2-3 inches will be too much shorter for surfing.

But that can be perfect for a less tall guy. So the length and width of a fish surfboard should be determined by the person’s height and weight.

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What is the best beginner fish surfboard for?

The beginners will get more benefits with a high-density surfboard. Plus, you have to consider a few other facts such as weight balance, weight, surfing ability, etc.

However, we have already suggested 5 fish surfboards for beginners and among them, we would suggest the Paragon Surfboards Retro Fish Surfboard as the best.

3 Reasons Why Every Surfer Needs A Fish Surfboard

Final Verdict

Now it’s time to wrap up. We have already recommended the 5 best beginner fish surfboards for and all of them are equipped with unique features though all of them contain the most basic features of a fish board.

So, now it’s your turn to compare the products and figure out the best one for you. 

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