Finding the Best Noserider Longboard? – Don’t Miss This Product

Hey, Noseriding People! It’s your day because today we are going to talk about the best noserider longboard. Among different types of longboards, noserider is for professional, adventure lover surfers.

It buys you competitively more time and allows you to uncover some unique and new movers. However, let’s back to the point, what is the best noserider longboard?

Well, if you search for a good noserider longboard, over a hundred options will appear Infront of you. But we are talking about the best. Detecting the best one from the good is a tough task. That’s why we have prepared this article after huge research.

We reviewed a good number of products and personally tried a few items and finally, we determined, Paragon Retro Noserider Longboard as the desired one. In the content, we’ll review this noserider board but before that a little extra about noserider longboard.

What is A Noserider Longboard?

Noserider longboards have a wider body and most of them come with a single fin. The back, the nose area is bound to be rounder in the case of Noserider Longboards.

They are comparatively taller (8 feet and above) and wider (18 inches or so) whereas the short surfing boards are only 5-7 feet tall.

And the majority of Noserider longboards are covered with foams. They are designed to give a smooth surfing experience while surfers cut through the blue waves of the sea.

Noserider longboards are an ideal choice for surfers who want to develop some creative styles. It is relatively slower to maneuver which offers the surfers to experiment with their moves and create unique moves.

Suggestion: Along with the best noserider surfboard you will require a hyperflex wetsuit. Check the review here.

Types of Noserider Longboard Design

As like, most of us may not have known that all longboards are not made of noseriders. Various kinds of surfboards can merely get to the standard of being a noserider. In ancient times, most of the longboards that were built were used for noseriding maximum time.

But due to progressions in technology,  surfboards are becoming specific and distinctive and they are mostly used for noseriding.

To be familiar with noseriders now, we’re giving explanations in detail about different shapes of noseriders and how we can use them, and why this particular shape is made.

Bottom Contour

The state of noseriding now is contradicting to the new latest features. In this present day, the shortboards are featured with a hollow bottom for advanced acceleration. Boards are mainly used for nose ridings and are seen to have round-shaped bottoms.

The feature of having a round shape has some advantages as it helps to reduce the speed, The rider feels comfortable and can be able to spend more time on his nose.

Wide Tail

The knowledge and sense about wave positioning are inevitable and designing features assist to make it unlikely to give way or overturn a surfer’s location during riding on it. Extensive single fins connected to boards with wide tails make the correct drag.

Quick boards are not so eventual for noseriding for the reason that this may specify the spot that the rider needs to be aware of the best service. Besides these, there is an alternative shape that can create better durability with a square tail.

Wide Nose

The better nose framework for noseriding must be a wide nose as you must remain to that part of the board. A flat nose that has to be 18 inches with broad space for better stability and provides better service.

And most importantly, the bottom of the noserider has to be a hollow shape which will help to elevate the surfer.

Soft Rails

Maximum noseriders with softer rails break the water where the rigid rails create an apparent break on the water to make the speed better. Another great thing softer rail comes in help is in holding the face of waves.

How to Choose A Noserider Longboard?

In case you are a beginner and decide to choose a noserider longboard, we must say it will be a cool choice for you. With more space, comes more opportunities for flexibility. Let us help you choose a useful Noserider Longboard for yourself.


Which length is the most suitable for you? Noserider longboards tend to be 8-10 feet in length. The exact length of your need depends solely on your nature of surfing.

For excellent and quick maneuvering, you should go with 9 feet and below boards. And if you want to focus on conventional surfing and slowly develop a progressive style, 10 feet surfing boards will be good for you.


Longboards are made of different materials like epoxy or polyester resin, polystyrene, polyurethane, and fiber glasses.

Beginners should focus on epoxy resin-made longboards. They are cheaper, durable, and lightweight in nature. These epoxy longboards also offer easy maneuvering and flexibility.

However, professionals and passionate surfers often prefer balsa wood-made longboards which are of another level. Balsa material is environmentally friendly, incredibly flexible, and lightweight in nature. Professionals often have an eye for balsa wood-made longboards.


Things that are worth your budget need to be sustainable in nature. These days longboards are featured with Paralite Technology.

Longboards with this technology tend to be stronger, lightweight, and more floatable in nature. When you buy one, do look for boards with advanced technology like ParaLite.

Width and Depth

The thickness of surfing boards determines how buoyant your board will be. Usually, nose rider surfing boards are 2.5 inches in depth. Thinner longboards are more floatable in nature. However, too much floating is not always beneficial for surfing.

Beginners should choose slightly thick boards for progressive learning and maneuver. Professionals prefer thin boards as they are lightweight and more flexible.

When it comes to width, noserider longboards tend to have a wider nose around 18-22″. For beginners, a width above 18 inches is a suitable choice.


It is the most crucial part you should consider while purchasing a longboard. Retro-shaped longboards tend to be more stable and offer enhanced surfing. Some smart features like a full nose, fifty-fifty rails should always be present on your surfing board.


More rockers in nose riders increase the flexibility and overall control of the boards. The high curvature of rockers allows the surfing board to freely float and adapt to the moving current. Nose riders with increased rocker are more flexible and easy to maneuver.


Look for a noseriding longboard that is suitable for surfers of all levels. This will allow you to narrow down your selection list and help you to train like professionals.

Review of the Paragon Surfboards Retro Ultimate Noserider Longboard

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At a glance –

Size 9’L x 22 3/4″W x 3 1/16″H (72L)
Material Paralite Epoxy
Glass Top-6oz + 6oz Bottom-6oz
Rail 50/50
Fin 9 inch (Center fin)

Ever tried any longboard of the shape of the 1960’s longboard? Probably not, but if you are familiar we can assume you have carved for a board of that shape.

Luckily, Paragon Noserider Longboard is one of the best noserider longboards having the shape of a 1960’s longboard. It’s a performance longboard surfboard with a single fin.

Compared to the conventional longboard, the Paragon epoxy noserider board offers more stability and glide. Besides, the full nose, 50/50 rails design make noseriding a breeze with this longboard.

Available Sizes

Now comes the point of sizing. Fortunately, there are 3 different sizes available with 2 different lengths; 8 feet and 9 feet. The 3 different sizes are given below –

  1. 9’L x 22 3/4″W x 3 1/16″H
  2. 8’L x 22″W x 3″H
  3. 9’L x 23″W x 3″H


No matter how great the longboard is, unless the board looks stylish and decorative no one will pay attention to you. So, before purchasing one, always consider the appearance. So do we.

The longboard is ideal in size and the construction is great. The length, width, and height combinations are perfect. The color is attractive and either close view or long view, everywhere it looks perfect.

Besides, it features a single bottom concave along with a 6 oz bottom and top glass job with a glossy finish. So, no surprise it is now the #1 favorite of noiseriders. Now, let’s learn how many colors are available for this model.

Available Colors

More rooms for you, there are 4 different colors available. Let’s get to them at glance.

  1. Blue/White
  2. Orange/White
  3. Seafoam
  4. White

Key Features

1. Paralite Technology: The board is made of Paragon’s advanced level Epoxy Materials. So, the board is comparatively lighter yet stronger and buoyant. Glad to know, it is tested in different wave conditions and its superior performance and strength worked out.

2. Stability and Glide: The ideal retro shape of the noserider board enhances glide and stability. As a result, walking up on the nose is a breeze. Besides, it features a wider-than-normal square tail, 50/50 rails, and a full nose. All these constructions make noseriding a lot easier and smarter.

3. Capacity: You must recheck the weight capacity of any noserider board before purchasing one. No worries, then it is Paragon Noserider Longboard as it is capable of holding 250 lbs. Moreover, its generous 72L of volume lets you catch more waves than your expectations.

4. Size & Weight: The noserider board comes with a dimension of 9’L x 22 3/4″W x 3 1/16″H. But the overall package has the dimensions of 110″ x 24″ x 5″ and weighs 27 lbs.

Pros & Cons

  • Constructed with high-quality material for long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to control.
  • Available rooms help to deal with big waves.
  • Smart appearance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Price is affordable.
  • It’s not a soft-top board. So, beginners may find it uncomfortable.

Check Price On Amazon

Price Analysis

Paragon has set the price for this longboard between $599-$699. From the first point of view, it might look a bit pricey. But we don’t think it is overpriced, rather we call it affordable.

If you consider every feature of the board, the glossy finish, top to bottom construction, advanced level material, and finally the room and speed control enhanced system you won’t find any board at this price range.

So, no way one can call it an overpriced longboard. For further inspection, you can check out the customers’ reviews. Almost 95% of the reviews are positive about this noserider longboard.

Care your Noserider Just As you do for a Surfboard!

Undoubtedly, you’ll get a durable and high-performance service from this noserider board but keep in mind if you don’t care for it it won’t service the best for a long time.

Remember, Noseriders are one kind of surfboard. So, you have to care about it just like you do for your surfboard. You have to clean off the residue, saltwater, wax it properly to keep it smooth and glasslike.

we would recommend visiting the manufacturer’s website and following their instructions for the best maintenance.

How to shape a longboard noseride (from blank to the surfboard)


What Causes Noseriders?

Noserider is one of the most popular acts of surfing. There are other maneuver types like Hang-Ten toes, Back foot, Stretch five, and so on.

A nose riding surfer rides on high head waves while maneuvering the longboard from the front end. This type of activity is best implemented on high head waves or less. Longboards above 9 feet and so are considered ideal for noseriding.

What Size Noserider Should I Get?

For beginners,  you should go for longboards of 9 feet and above. Longer boards offer an excellent opportunity for progressive development and learning

In thickness, your longboard shouldn’t be too thin. Thinner longboards will be a bit more advanced for beginners.

Further Reading:

Final Verdict

We are very long away from the beginning and now it’s time to wrap up. To recommend you the best noserider longboard we recommend only ONE product – Paragon  Retro Noserider Longboard.

We have already reviewed the product in the best way possible including its pros, cons, key features, and other facts. The price analysis part must enhance your idea about the price of a random noserider board. However, now everything is your decision.

We would suggest checking out the features once again and understanding whether everything goes according to your needs or not. One last thing, if you are completely a newbie, you should avoid this board.

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