4 Best Roof Rack Pads – No Way to Beat Them

Very often we need to carry our surfboard on the roof of the car. For that, we use the surfboard car rack.

But it might be somehow dangerous for the surfboard. It can defect the way or even the whole board. But don’t worry, there is a solution.

The best roof rack pads. If you use the equipment it will always keep your board safe and secure.

Plus the rack and the car both will remain safe from getting scratches. So are you thinking of being a little more protective?

That means you want to get a surfboard roof rack pad. No worries. I got your back.

In this article, we’re going to review the 4 best roof rack pads on Amazon. So without any delay let’s get into the article.

What is a Surfboard Roof Rack Pad?

Snagging and shredding waves on a surfboard to reach the shore– is quite an experience. Beach trip and surfboard: how to handle it? It’s impossible to handle a surfboard without racks, pads, and straps.

These accessories make your surfing life easier because they keep your gear safe, protect your vehicle from surfboard wax, and help you stay organized.

The most important thing is that they keep loving boards in good shape. When hauling boards by automobile, the best roof bar pads work the safest.

The aerodynamic foam pads perfectly fit Front Runner racks or load bars and guarantee that your surfboards or whatever your adventurous heart desires, will be transported safely.

Top 4 Best Roof Rack Pads

In this segment, you’ll be learning about the items in detail. We’ll be explaining the products with features, pros, and cons. So, read on.

1. Dakine Roof Rack Pads

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Are you looking for the best Roof Rack Pads? Then you are on the way to getting the best one – the Dakine Rack Pads.

It’s waiting for you to become the best companion on today’s list. If you have a larger surfboard it can cover and allow easy roof transport.

Plus, the Dakine roof Rack Pads are sold in two pairs. Besides, they are easy to keep on your car roof.

The 28-inch pads make you feel soft because it is equipped with foam Cushing in terms of transit. You could say it is a poured layer of cushion. 

Here the fins work as a block. It works faster and has a sleek aerodynamic design with 28 inches of protection.

Also, the whole construction is made of all high-quality components. Like it was custom for customer pleasure.

Finally, a clean look with some beach-style colors makes it highly popular.

Key Features

  • Made of 600D polyester fabric and UV protected
  • 28 inches longest Rack Pads come with a set of two.
  • Used hook and loop are near closure
  • Custom extruded foam fits square or round crossbars.
  • Stylish designs and different colors are available.

Pros & Cons

  • The Ford Escape fits the flats crossbar perfectly. To fumble with no straps with ole velcro.
  • The design is well decorated.
  • Wraps around bars. Awesome paddleboard.
  • Compared to other items this one is affordable.
  • There is no serious drawback of this item

2. DORSAL Aero Narrow Crossbars Roof Rack Pads

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Which Rack pad is long-lasting? Maybe this quality line brought you here. Don’t worry about them because Dorsal Aero Narrow Cross Bars Roof rack pads are here to serve you. 

It comes in black color. Also, there is no fade option. Besides, the dimensions of the item are quite good and the weight is flexible.

Another great thing about this roof rack pad is its Long-lasting performance. If you buy once and try to step up again, bet you forget the last time of buying.

The components of nylon fabric provide a high level of security. Also, the roof rack pads are easy to tie to your roof.

Thankfully, there is no risk of damaging the fiberglass. Also to avoid damage, just keep it inside the cabin and you are scuffing up.

Moreover, with high-density foam core SUPs and boats are protected. On and off with hook and loop are easy to use.

So, Around the world, it’s promising for the best innovation quality. 

Key Features

  • The Durable design is with the finest tune. Appear in black with no fade option. Variation in size.
  • 600D nylon function with UV resistance.
  • Long-lasting and the best design. 
  • Load straps or Locking straps are used (separately)
  • High abundance and no-slip top formation which is why keep loads in an exact spot. • • Suit your automobile top as your intention.

Pros & Cons

  • You can make your trip faster and more secure.
  • Easily portable rack pad.
  • Might not attach small-size bars.

3. Surf to Summit Roof Rack Pads

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If your thoughts are wanting to jump in the mountain so the components of Surf to Summit Roof Rack Pads are here for helping you out.

The pads are designed with the best quality components in black color. It’s around 2.15 pounds and is easy to tie down and carry out. 

Another interesting thing is it uses low-density foam sheathed in weatherproof fabric. Attaching the pads is very simple.

Fortunately, it will fit any roof rack. Finally, it’s the best for your expensive kayak, surfboard, paddle, or canoe board.

There is no chance of fussing with no-slip over risk. The products generously fit your purpose.

Besides, it gives you the perfect amount of padding to protect your board. A great combination provides cushioning for your SUP.

You must be happy to know that the roof rack pads keep the vibration noises down when you will be traveling.

It is a quite great product for a fraction you can buy for your journey.

Key Features

  • The 30 inch is a larger length for your Roof Rack Pads.
  • It can be over the slips with a 1.5″ diameter. It• The mounting Strap comes with two pads. The color comes in black.
  • Velcro and tie-downs come with high security for attachment to the Strap. 
  • Productive and less expensive Straps which are versatile, generous and more effective.

Pros & Cons

  • Satisfying length for consumers.
  • Cut/Chase in decent quality. 
  • Extra fat ladder racks for a full-size cargo Van and these pads.
  • Color fade resistance.

4. FCS Premium Range Single D Ring

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People often ask for comfortable kinds of stuff. So here they bring happiness to your safe and secure trip – The FCS Premium Range Single D-Ring.

It’s easy to install and easy to get on your car. Second thought coming maybe, will it be capable of holding your board? So the answer is “Yes”.

Longboards or shortboards whatever it can be the capacity of holding those D-Ring quite fancy for your adventure. 

In the wind at high speed to avoid noise from Straps, you have to roll the Straps before attaching.

So this part which is on the top roof is more aerodynamic. So you can easily avoid 100% noises outside.

On the other hand, the D-Ring is quite flexible and is installed inside your car or van.

For sure you will find the design of the pads attractive. Moreover, the quality is well worth the price.

Free size quality provides cushioning foam furthermore in addition. So thoroughly you can trust this portable stuff for your surf trip.

Key Features

  • Servers for SUV with black color.
  • Able to take heavy loads with 38mm webbing.
  • Square non-rolling pads on all sides. 
  • It is designed to hold 1-2 longboards and 1-3 shortboards.
  • It fits most of the vans, different cars, 4WDs, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • Designed well constructed. Takes only 5 to 6 minutes and it is easier to pull them tight.
  • There is no degradation in the quality of the products.
  • Straps are wider and softer compared to others with those D-Rings. 
  • Sounds like a space shuttle at a speed of over 50

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Buying Surfboard Roof Rack Pads: Things to Consider

Manufacturers of roof rack pads have created amazing designs. Shape, length, density, and design all vary. Rack pads can be plain, or they can be attached to straps.

Getting plain rack pads means getting straps to tie down your boards. By doing this, you can pack as many boards or kayaks and canoes as you wish.

The following factors, however, should first be considered when looking for a brand that can effectively protect your surfboard from friction and impact:


The surfboard roof rack pad will be good for nothing if you choose the wrong size pad. The size should match your board.

For delicate sporting equipment, wider is better. Also, Pads should be fit Around any rack, slat or load bar. So stay concerned about this fact.


If you want to measure the durability then the material must come first. Material with high-quality EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) will last for a very long time.

Also for reduction of noise and vibration, they will work better. One more thing to keep in mind is the ultraviolet rays.

Make sure that they are UV protected so that they won’t wear or fade in the sun.


Another most important thing is the price. Make sure the price isn’t going to exceed the budget.

Because it’s just a roof rack pad. Don’t empty your wallet just on this product.


You must understand that the roof rack pad must mix up with water. When you come back after surfing, your surfboard must remain wet.

And then if it isn’t water-resistant then your roof rack pad might not last long. So, considering this feature is very important.

How to Install a Surfboard Rack Pad?

So you’ve got suggestions about the best surfboard roof rack pads. But it’s also necessary for you to learn the perfect way to install it.

In this segment, we will be showing you the process to install the surfboard rack pad. So keep reading.

Step 1: Attach the rack pad to the roof rack by folding it around the bars and closing it firmly using the velcro strap

Step 2: Surfboards in surfboard bags should be placed on roof racks. On the roof of a car, a surfboard is placed upside down to prevent its fins from hitting the roof. For a long traveling time, surfboard fins should be removed.

Make sure the fins are up and in the back of the car, pointing forward when placing the surfboard. Believe it or not, it is the most aerodynamic option.

If the board slips out of the straps, the fins will act as a stop until the car is stopped.

Step 3: Rack pad straps should be attached to the roof rack along with the surfboard, making sure the straps are not twisted to prevent vibrations.

Step 4: Straps should be tightened using the buckle provided, but do not overtighten as it will result in damage

How To Install Surfboard Soft Rack on Your Car

Surfboard Roof Rack Pad: Does It Really Matter?

Surfboards rest on roof rack pads during transit. And between racks and surfboards, roof rack pads act as a protective barrier.

Fiber-filled roof rack pads have an outer cover that can support the weight.

Moreover, Fabric pads protect the roof and the surfboard from scratches, abrasions, and friction. Soft roof racks are either cylindrical or rectangular.

Final Verdict

So now I think you are aware of the best roof rack pad reviews. In this article, we have explained 4 roof rack pads with proper details.

Now it is your turn to list out the features of the products and make a comparison. Finally, understand which one should meet most of your needs.

Also, don’t forget to check the guide section. Now it’s time to end the article. But before ending the content I would like to share another article about – Beater board review.

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