Best South Bay Surfboards Review to Get Your Right Pick

Just ask the professionals about Los Angeles’s giant surfboards manufacturer. Most of their answers will utter South Bay Board Co. Not just in America, the company spread to Australia very recently.

However, South Bay Boards Co has gained popularity over time for its wide range of boards. And today, our discussion will follow the south bay surfboards review.

About the company, we don’t think we need to say a lot as most of you are already familiar with it. Among their huge collection of surfboards, we choose the best 5 boards.

About South Bay Co. Board

South bay co. is a popular branded company that is at the forefront of its quality and dedicated to providing high-quality durable items.

This company satisfies the customer by making surfboards and related accessories.

It is a Southern Californian company that regularly offers surfers the best quality surfing board that is affordable in both price and meaning.

These are hybrid surfboards that are provided scientifically and practically proven in the southern Pacific Ocean.

Again this branded company offers these products to the users through their maximum performance.

It is currently advancing with a different look and reliability than other surfboards companies that are provided to the customer.

5 Best South Bay Surfboard Reviews

We prioritize affordability, useability, appearance, durability, and functions while choosing the board. Hopefully, you will get the most appropriate one for you from the list.

1. South Bay Board Co. – Guppy Surfboard

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Let’s start with a cool surfboard from South Bay Board Co that is highly recommended for beginners. This Guppy surfboard is available for both kids and adults.

That means you will get this board with different size variations. Besides, this board comes with a complete package including all essential materials.

We would like to suggest this surfboard to those who are looking for a nice-looking one with an affordable price range.

You can eventually get it with three different color variations. White stripe on sky blue, pink, and off-white color base is the outer look of this board. so, it is definitely super cool to look at.

Key Features

  • Size Variations: This board comes with 3 different size variations. There are 5, 6, and 8-foot sizes available. You are free to choose any size according to your
  • Manufacture: The board is designed especially for beginners. It is built with a soft IXPE foam top deck, a wide chest section, and a thick rail. The build quality is also very amazing as well.
  • Complete Package: The combo comes with all essential equipment with the board. You will get a fiberglass rod and 2 wooden stringers, and a EPS closed-cell foam core. The package also includes an impact-netting HDPE plastic bottom deck.
  • Weight Capacity: The smallest board can hold up to around 75 lbs. the larger one indeed comes with a better weight capacity.
  • Closed-cell Function: This board has an in-built close-cell function that ensures a durable water barrier skin.

Positivity & Drawbacks

  • Amazing design and different color variations.
  • Different sizes for both kids and adults.
  • Unisex design.
  • Amazing build quality.
  • This board is not suggested for professionals.

2. South Bay Board Co. – Soft Top Surfboards

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Our next suggestion is Soft Top Surfboards for again, beginners. This foam surfboard is manufactured by South Bay Board Co., a renowned brand to produces high-quality surfboards worthy of your trust.

It has a safe practical design and is put to the test to perform on different waves around the world.

The board has thickset rails and a soft top which confirms a stable surfing experience. PVS-lined fin holes are water-resistant.

The cell foam core is EPS closed. Rounded rubber bumper tail ensures protected vertical storage.

Full-length double concave helps to achieve extra speed and fin performance.

Key Features

  • Package Extras: The package includes a surfboard bag for easy portability, 5 pieces of stomp pad, and 12 surfboard paint pens for you to enjoy fun artistic illustrations on the board.
  • Heat Release Valve: This board has a unique heat release valve. It can help with all necessary protection against heat and provides additional durability.
  • Dimensions: The length of this board is 8 feet long, 23 inches in width and thickness is 3 inches. This length has two available variations, which are 7 feet and 8 feet 8 inches.
  • Texture: At the top deck, the board is ‘fingerprint’ textured and that is wax-free too. And the bottom deck is HDPE plastic impact reinforced. The logo is also designed with a non-slip rubber die-cut.
  • Capacity: Rider capacity is up to 230lbs without a hitch for new surfers. It can smoothly manage more than 74 liters of water volume as well.

Positivity & Drawbacks

  • Various sizes to choose from according to requirement.
  • Bunch of vibrant color options.
  • Suitable for both males and females.
  • High-quality performance with a great design.
  • The board is mostly targeted at beginners.

3. South Bay Board Co. – Hybrid Surfboard

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For those who are already getting along at surfing well and looking for a board to enhance their skills, Hybrid Surfboard can be the best option ever.

South Bay Board Co. introduced this unisex design which is appropriate for anyone. Skillful crafters shape the boards exclusively for the brand.

This surfboard is strong enough to offer you more speed while balancing your ease. There is a patented valve and bamboo or black apricot body armor for protection from overheating.

The board is available in three different sizes which are shortboard, funboard, and longboard.

Key Features

  • Finish Materials: Inside the top deck, there is an Epoxy Resin Laminate layer. Then a fiberglass cloth with a wood layer inside. Also, a foam core that is EPS closed. Additionally, the board has a double I beam wood stringer.
  • Size Details: About 58 inches longboard is 21 inches in width. The thickness would be around 2.64 inches.
  • Additional assets: The board comes with a quad set of 4 FCS compatible custom Shaka fins with a fin key. In addition, a 5 feet kink-free leash of premium quality is also included in the package.
  • Texture: IXPE foam top deck has a wax-free personalized fingerprint design along with the rubber die-cut nonslip logo. The bottom deck is 6oz fiberglassed hard with an epoxy finish.

Positivity & Drawbacks

  • A patented valve system prevents heat damage.
  • Stylish design in white and wood color.
  • Performance-based shape.
  • Made with premium standard materials.
  • The board is not recommended for surfing on high waves.

4. South Bay Board Co. – Hybrid Surfboards

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If you are looking for surfboards that are made of high-quality material then Hybrid Surfboards are the one for you.

Besides, it is crafted with an expert’s hand and the design is customizable too. No wonder, the surfboards are designed for everyone.

Indeed, they will easily make themself comfortable on this and will feel exciting and safe on 3feet wave or above.

It is packed with all the good stuff that will help you to be skilled in all levels of surfing. Additionally, you will find IXPE foam on the top decks, multiple different wooden strings along with bottom decks.

Lastly, the EPS closed-cell foam cores will help with your performance on surfing.

Key Features

  • Dimensions and Weight: This board comes 72 inches long and 20 inches in width. One will find this approximately 2.5 inches thick and the weight is only 6.35 kilograms.
  • A complete package: There will be a Rubber Die-Cut Non-slip logo and a six inches pro-series leash. Plus, A plug is attached for GoPro action Camera Mount.
  • Manufacturer: The bottom deck is constructed with bamboo fiberglass and fingerprint IXPE foam is attached to the top deck.
  • Weight Capacity: This hybrid surfing board is made for all ages and it can easily handle up to 220 lbs.
  • FCS Thruster Fin Box set-up: You will find 3 FCS thruster fins along with a leash and it will help you to balance with the height of the wave.

Positivity & Drawbacks

  • Unisex design.
  • Comes with plastic fins.
  • Excellent for beginners.
  • Very light-weighted.
  • Not recommended for higher pipe waves.

5. South Bay Board Co. 9’6″ Hybrid Surfboard

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And the final recommendation is a 9’6″ Hybrid Surfboard from the same company. The shapes and construction are too creditable to get you safe surfing.

The outer look is breath-taking and it offers great durability as well. Besides, the board is suitable for people of all ages and especially for beginners.

The material of this surfing board is of high quality and gets you customized design too. Additionally, the product is packed with EPS closed-cell foam cores and multiple wooden strings with bottom decks.

Moreover, the top deck is constructed with wax-free ‘Fingerprint’ foam to get you the traction you need.

Key Features

  • Dimensions and weight: The product is 114 inches in length 24 inches in width. The thickness of the edges is 3.25 inches. Plus, it weighs a total of 30 pounds.
  • Weight Capacity: The surfing board can easily carry up to 3000 lbs. So, heavyweight people can also ride with ease.
  • Manufacturer: The top edge of the board comes with a wide rounded nose. So, you can walk up and hang your toes. Plus, it has a plug for an action camera mount too.
  • FCS Performance Fins and Finbox: There will be thruster fins and 10 inches pro-series lash with it.
  • Complete package: It comes with bamboo fiber glasses hard bottom deck. And the core is made of EPS closed-cell foam.

Positivity & Drawbacks

  • Constructed with premium materials.
  • Very light-weight.
  • Unisex- adult.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Professionals may not like this simple board at the time.

6. Gold coast surfboard

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Gold coast surfboard is a high-quality durable surfboard made of bamboo which is non-sleepy and has no need to wax. 

As it is a fish cut board it is suitable for surfing. Even those who are not experienced can surf it easily.

There is rubber finishing every corner of the board, and automatically being smooth. The length and thickness of the board are measured accurately.

Key Features

  • Advanced Materials: In addition to being made with bamboo, the surfboard is made with high-quality equipment. As a result, the customer will be sufficiently satisfied.
  • Made to the perfect measure: The board is made scientifically so that it does not get too heavy and then carries the correct thickness. The board is 68 “long and 21” wide, 2.65 “thick, 36ml volume. Even capable of carrying 200 lbs of weight.
  • Good shape: The board is fish-cutting style. This allows you to move the easy ups and downs in the water. And for those who are just learning, this surfboard is very useful. 6 pro series leash is used, it is safer to insure.
  • Best Durability: High-quality products and bamboo-made mean it will last for a long time. Even if you use rough, it can be surfed with great weight. There is no need to do extra waxing.
  • Suitable for everyone: It is very useful for beginners because its cutting and finishing are very beautiful. Those who are experienced will also feel comfortable using it as it can be long-lasting and have a perfect balance.

Positivity & Drawbacks

  • Made with soft foam so no waxing is required.
  • Fish Cutting surfboard which is suitable for everyone.
  • The rubber logo is used so it is not slippery.
  • Perfectly wide and tall.
  • It is a type of hybrid surfboard with high durability.
  • It can be dangerous if you do not check all the parts before surfing.

Buying Guide

Surfboards initially seem to be simple surfing boards but there are lots of complexities in them. Although they look similar, they can have different functions for sure.

So, choosing the best board often seems complicated for surfers. The following suggestions will help you choose the appropriate board anyway.

Size of the Board

You will get the south bay surfboard in different lengths from 5 to 8.8 feet. Consider your height, weight, skill level, and surfing area to choose the appropriate size of the board.


You should always go for a board that comes with a complete package. All the accessories should be there with the boards.

You may need a leash, fins, etc. And the package should contain all of them.

Fingerprint Foam Material

Try to get a surfboard that comes with fingerprint foam material. Otherwise, you have to wax the board before use.

If the board comes with this specific material, it must be ready to use. So, you don’t have to go through the extra hassle.


Never ever buy a surfboard that comes with no warranty functions. Sometimes, the delivery boy unintentionally damages the board.

If you have at least a warranty of 15 to 30 days, you can claim a warranty for it.

Besides the mentioned factors, you should also check out the appearance, color, weight capacity, etc while choosing the best surfboard.


Q: Which is the Best south bay surfboard?

Ans: The soft top and the Guppy Surfboard are the best South Bay surfboards. These boards are suitable for both young and adults.

Additionally, they are suggested for beginners too. Both these boards look very nice and they are quite affordable too.

Q: Do South Bay surfboards need wax?

Ans: Most of the surfboards from south bay Co. need a wax layer. But not all of them. There are many boards that come with Fingerprint Foam materials.

These kinds of boards are almost ready to use. You just have to open it from the box and take it to the ocean.

So, if you are looking for a board that doesn’t require waxing, go for one with Fingerprint Foam material.

Q: Does the South bay board come with a warranty?

Ans: Yes, all boards from South Bay Co. come with a 30 days warranty system. It means you can claim a warranty till the 30th day from the day you received the delivery of the order.

So, if the product comes with any manufacturing issue, you can claim a warranty for it.

Q: Where are South Bay boards made?

Ans: South Bay boards are generally made in the USA. This company has several warehouses around America. But their head office is situated in Los Angeles.

And most of the boards are designed in the companies nearby the head office. So, all their boards are made in America.

Q: Are south bay surfboards good?

Ans: Yes, South bay co. Surfboards are too good for the user because of their high-quality design and performance.

In the current marketplace, it is ahead to provide the best surfboard to the user. It is provided to the user by practically proving.

These hybrid series boards are as good for beginners as they are for experienced riders. Those who have used it will undoubtedly appreciate the board.

Because every part of it is set up by finishing. For those who love surfing, this is the best option.


You have already learned about the 5 south bay surfboard reviews. So, it will now be easy for you to choose the appropriate one.

Still, we suggest you have a look over the brief buying guides to be a win on the purchase. If you are a beginner, make sure to go for one that is especially suggested for beginners.

Also, remember to check the size and color before you buy it. Will soon appear with something new and handy. Till then, stay safe and healthy.

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