We’re Revealing 8 Best Surfboard Rack for Motorcycle – Expert Suggested

Going surfing, having a surfboard tucked under your arm can lose almost 50% of your energy and tire you before hitting the first wave. In this situation, the best surfboard rack for motorcycles will come in aid widely. 

A motorcycle surfboard rack will not only save your energy but also saves the parking fee. Plus, it’ll help you avoid traffic jams.

There are many more benefits of having it but you’ll get all the benefits only if you can choose the best surfboard rack for a motorcycle.

So, how can you find it? No worries, today we are revealing 8 surfboard racks for motorcycles. 

What are Motorcycle Surfboard Racks?

The motorcycle surfboard rack is a hanger type that allows the surfing board to be carried safely and securely. 

A surfboard rack comes in a variety of uses. High-quality carriers have been developed that are used across motorbikes so that surfers do not have to worry about parking or boarding space.

Surfboard on Motorcycle or Bike Creates Surf Rider’s Journey smoother, more enjoyable, and comfortable.

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Top Pick

Best for All Bike Sizes: Ho Stevie! surfboard Bike Rack 

The surfboard rack is designed in a shape that will be compatible with almost all types of motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters.

Best for Installation: Onefeng Sports Surfboard Bike Rack

The surfboard rack is very easy to install on the bike. It will take less than a minute.

Best for Any Type of Surfboards: MBB Moped Surfboard Racks

This rack can perfectly carry surfboards of any type. So, if you have different surfboards and have them occasionally, it is the best option for you

8 Best Surfboard Rack for Motorcycle  

Now I am going to describe the products with proper details. 

1. Ho Stevie! surfboard Bike Rack 

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This one is a splendid product that is compatible with any kind or size of bike. Doesn’t that sound great? The rack is made of Aluminum which is super lightweight and rustproof.

This surfboard rack is suitable for those who are 8 feet long, and can work with longer boards, but that’s quite difficult. 

There is a single clamp that’s connected with the seat post and it gets a triangle shape to hold the surfboard into the proper place.

As mentioned before, it’s made of Aluminum and with salty water, there won’t be any rust. Plus, the anodized color won’t chip off.

The carrier arms hold the surfboard in the place securely and if needed there are extra carrier cords to wrap around the surfboard.

It’s super easy to install and eco-friendly. Moreover, to get this beautiful piece, you won’t need to break your bank account! 

Key Features

  • The rack is made of Aluminum, so it won’t rust.
  • It’s super lightweight to carry on any kind of bike.
  • Suitable for 8 feet length surfboards or larger. 
  • It has extra bungee cords to secure the board tight when you ride the bike.
  • There is a pad on the rack that protects the rack from getting anything dug into the board.

Purchase & Refuse

Reasons to Purchase
  • It’s lightweight, so you won’t feel any trouble while riding on a bike with it.
  • Suitable for any kind of motorbike, mountain bike, road bike, or beach cruisers. 
  • Very easy to install, even for a newbie. 
Reasons to Refuse
  • If you have carbon fiber or titanium seat posts, you should avoid this rack.

2. Onefeng Sports Surfboard Bike Rack

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With smart design and quality materials, Onefeng sports has one of the most popular surfboard racks. It’s super lightweight, easy to install, and long-lasting. The rack is adjustable with the scooter with the bungee cords. 

The rack is suitable to hold surfboards 8 feet long without any trouble. The innovative safe design of padding with adjustable arms of the rack to secure the surfboard, so nothing sharp can scratch or dig into the board. 

This rack is made of Aluminum, so it’s undoubtedly lightweight and rustproof. The rack is available in only black color which goes well with any color scooter or moped. The bungee cords secure the board in a tight hold. 

Key Features

  • The rack is made of Aluminum, so it’s super lightweight and rustproof. 
  • It’s covered in foam so that when you ride on a moped or scooter, the board won’t get scratches or dings.
  • The bungee cords secure the surfboard into a tight hold. 
  • It can be used with or without any board bag or sock.
  • The anodized color won’t chip off like paint after using it for a while.

Purchase & Refuse

Reasons to Purchase
  • It’s very easy to install with the instructions. 
  • Adjustable for different sizes of boards. 
  • Super affordable to purchase and long-lasting. 
Reasons to Refuse
  • Not suitable for big bikes or SUPs.

3. MBB Moped Surfboard Racks

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If you are looking for a tubular rack for your motorcycle to carry a surfboard, this option is for you. MBB is a familiar name when it is about surfing accessories. And their moped surfboard racks can definitely be the best fit for your bike.

This strong rack suits perfectly for boards of any type. That means whether you have a longboard, shortboard, or SUP, you can use it efficiently. So, people who have multiple boards can use this board to carry any of those boards.

About the durability of this board, I have many things to say. Basically, this tubelike iron-made rack is perfectly formed.

It is quite durable with a strong constructive ingredient. So, it has almost no durability issue and you can use it for decades.

Key Features

  • This rack is very easy to install and disassemble.
  • It is durable and comes with a rustproof layer.
  • The rack is nearly 2.65 kilograms in weight.
  • The entire product measures 17×11.25×3 inches.
  • Good to install on both the front and back frame of the bike.

Purchase & Refuse

Reasons to Purchase
  • Perfect fit for both electric and moped bikes.
  • Good to hold any kind of surfboard.
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight.
  • Doesn’t hamper balancing the bike.
Reasons to Refuse
  • The pipe is not adjustable.

MBB Moped Rack Installation

4. Carver CSR Scooter Surf Rack 

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The next one is from CSR and this time, we will talk about the Carver Scooter Surf Rack. The name must clear one thing that it is a surfboard rack for scooter users. But you can also use this for the moped bikes as well.

If you want to enjoy two exciting adventures, bike riding and surfing together in one trip then this one will definitely help. It can initially carry any kind of surfboard and it is quite easy to install.

Being quite light in weight, this board will ensure no balance-related issue. Additionally, it provides sufficient flexibility and comfort. 

Key Features

  • This rack is made of durable aluminum alloy.
  • It is nearly 3.43 kilograms in weight.
  • The rack is all around 16.4×7.9×5.7 inches in dimension.
  • Strong durability is ensured by the welded construction of this board.

Purchase & Refuse

Reasons to Purchase
  • Good for both scooter and motorbike.
  • You can attach it both on the front and backside of the bike.
  • Suitable for any kind of board.
  • Affordable and durable.
Reasons to Refuse
  • You cannot adjust the size of this board.
  • This one is not suitable for high-speed rides.

5. RedSnake scooter moped surfboard rack

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Red snake moped bike surfboard rack carrier is an outstanding product that will give a rider the advantage of carrying a surfboard amazingly.

The carrier is lightweight and helps to carry all standard-size surfboards with no hassle.

The use of Red Snake is very useful for those who come for surfing from far away. The riders get many advantages while carrying the board.

This long-lasting rack is also very useful for new riders. It is far ahead in terms of strength and color quality which won’t be damaged easily. Plus, it suits all types of motorcycles.

Key Features

  • Made with high-quality nuts and setting up is easy.
  • It weighs only 1.6 kg and won’t make the bike heavy.
  • You can attach boards of 6 feet long or larger.
  • The hook is made in such a way that no scratch falls on the board.
  • Made of aluminum so it does not rust or corrode.
  • Very simple installation system.

Purchase & Refuse

Reasons to Purchase
  • It is technically designed so that the rider won’t be interrupted while riding.
  • The rack will help you carry your surfboard safely.
  • It will be convenient for new users.
  • Low weight so the rider does not have to bother to ride the bike as it is easy to carry.
Reasons to Refuse
  • Hooks and nuts can be loosened if you don’t set them perfectly. It can sometimes damage the board.

6. Surfboard Bike Rack – Ho Stevie!

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The Ho Stevie! The surfboard bike rack is made of aluminum steel. The rack is designed for carrying your surfboard safely. Fortunately, it will suit all types of bikes.

It’s the best surfboard rack for motorcycles and able to carry a board of about 8 feet or more. Moreover, it won’t stop you from feeling comfortable.

Attaching the hook on the bike won’t cause any additional trouble while moving frequently. The rack is strong enough yet lightweight.

Plus, there won’t be any rusting problem even if it connects with water frequently.

Key Features

  • It is made of aluminum and is completely rustproof.
  • The item weighs 1.41 kilograms so it won’t feel heavy.
  • Appropriate for carrying a surfboard of 6 feet long or more.
  • Installation system is very simple.
  • It makes a surfboard easy to carry to the beach and exists in the bestseller rankings.

Purchase & Refuse

Reasons to Purchase
  • The rack is strong and lightweight that making driving easy
  • Safe for surfboards.
  • Easily adjusts with all types of bikes
  • Eco-friendly products.
Reasons to Refuse
  • It is capable of carrying an 8 feet longboard but it is tough to carry in a little journey.
  • You have to attach well while setting the career or you will have problems during riding.

7. Yaegoo Surfboard Bike Rack

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Yaegoo surfboard bike rack is one of the best racks for motorcycles to carry your board with the highest security. Besides, It is very comfortable and secure.

It is designed with a suitable length and width that is convenient for all bikes to attach perfectly. Plus, considering the price this board rack is completely cheaper with high-quality construction.

Key Features

  • Almost all surfboards fit perfectly with this rack.
  • Its dimensions are 16.65 x 8.62 x 3.22 inches that are completely ideal.
  • Weighing 1.43 kg which is not overweight for cycling.
  • You can adjust the seat 
  • Made in such a way that the rider does not feel rubbed or pierced.

Purchase & Refuse

Reasons to Purchase
  • The best way to keep your surfboard secured while it’s on a bike 
  • Can provide a smart-looking ride with benefits and no troubles.
  • Water or dust is not a problem as it is waterproof and lasts a long time.
Reasons to Refuse
  • Set to the side of the bicycle or bike. Do not use the back sight of the bike to set up this rack, setting it on the back can damage the board.

8. Norker Surfboard Bike Rack 

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Norker Surfboard Bike Rack is one such rack that is strong, retractable, and best for cycles and motorbikes. It will allow you to carry your board safely and securely on your motorcycle.

This is a kind of combo pack. Surfing on a motorbike makes your day easy as well as gives you a Wetsuit hanger which will give you two benefits at once and help to dry your wetsuit quickly.

Key Features

  • It is made of aluminum material that is lightweight, durable, and rustproof.
  • The height of the rack is adjustable.
  • Provides a folding facility.
  • It can adjust with up to 8 feet longboards and shortboards as well.
  • At the same time, along with the rack, there are also weight suits available.

Purchase & Refuse

Reasons to Purchase
  • It offers maximum board protection and does not have parking problems.
  • Will save your extra money on the wetsuit.
  • It provides one year warranty
  • The rack is low weight which is 1.98 kg.
  • It is good for surfing beginners because users do not have to worry about carrying the board.
Reasons to Refuse
  • Requires proper adjustment for a smooth riding experience.

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Buying Guide 

If you are a beginner especially to using a surfboard rack for a motorcycle, you should have researched a little bit about it.

There are basically some factors you should check while buying it. Initially, the factors will help you find an appropriate rack for your motorcycle.

Rack types

Initially, there are three different types of racks to use on your motorcycle for a surfboard. The side mount rack is the most popular one. You can use this type for both single and double mounts.

The rare mount is the second popular design and it provides a great balance for the riders. If the counterbalance seems difficult for you, this type is your must-try. 

Lastly, you should try the trailed mount one. These are generally wheeled racks. These racks will be attached to the backside of your bike. If you have to carry large size boards and SUPs, you should use this kind of rack for sure.

Size of the Rack

This factor matters the most. Generally, the racks come in different sizes and you have to select them based on your surfboard size and bike type.

If you have a shortboard, you should get a trailer-style rack. For longboarding, try to get a side-mounted one. 


In general, you will have motorcycle racks for surfboards with either aluminum or iron materials. Both these materials are strong and long-lasting.

But make sure to check if they have a rustproof layer. It is important to protect your board from scratch.

Easy Installation

You should always select a rack that is easy to install. Side mount is the best option for that. But you can try out the wheeled one if you have a large size board.


Lastly, it is about your budget. You have to make a budget of 80$ to $150 to buy a motorcycle rack for the surfboard. Shortboard racks are cheaper than longboard racks. The wheel track is the most expensive one here.


There are some other factors you have to consider such as size, adjustability, design, etc. After reading the best reviews you may already have some idea how to consider those facts.

Can you mount a surfboard on a motorcycle?

Yes, it is possible but within a limit. Generally, a surfboard up to 8 inches is comfortably possible to mount on a motorcycle.

But there are some thicker boards and wider boards available with unusual sizes which are hard to mount.

What are the ways to carry a surfboard on a bike?

There are mainly 3 ways to carry a surfboard on your bike; side-mounted, rear-mounted, and upright-mounted.

How do you install a motorcycle surfboard rack?

In this segment, you are going to learn something new. Here I will describe the ways to install a rack on the motorcycle.

Fortunately, surfboard racks are very easy to fit on a bike. It might take you just a minute to do it. Now let’s learn the installation process.

Step 1: First open the spring lock and press the carrier arms on the upper arms.

Step 2: You have to set the nuts of your arms tightly.

Step 3: After bringing the Arms Setup features, you need to set the desired position on the bike or bike.

Step 4: After setting the position, you have to set the bike by adjusting it with your height.

Step 5: After setting step 4, you have to keep an eye on whether it has been tightened or not. And for bonding, you have to tie the board with bungee cords. 

Final Verdict

It’s time to wrap the article because we have already suggested the best surfboard rack for motorcycles.

After reviewing every factor and considering customers’ reviews we have selected 15 products. And consulting with some surfboard experts we found the recommended 8 items best of all. 

Some of our visitors requested one best recommendation. It’s tough to suggest one because all of the products are specialists in different features. However, we would recommend Ho Stevie! surfboard Bike Rack.

Before saying bye-bye we are recommending a review article on the best beginner fish surfboard.

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