How Much Does a Surfboard Cost? Must Read Before Purchase

Surfing is fun as a hobby or passion. If you are starting to love surfing, then you may want to own your surfboard and then the question strikes your mind, “how much does a surfboard cost?”

Well, to be honest, all surfboards aren’t expensive. So, you don’t need to be afraid. There are versatile brands and types of surfboards available in the market or online.

So, according to the brands and types, the cost varies. Not only that, with the surfboard you’ll need some extra equipment too, but I’ll talk about that later.

Today, my goal is to let you know the average budget of various types & brands of surfboards. So, let’s not delay anymore and dig into the article!

How Much Does A Surfboard Cost?

In a simple answer, the surfboard budget begins from a minimum of $150 and a maximum of $1200. Now, there are different types or brands on which the budget differs.

If you are a rookie in surfboarding, then you should keep the budget within $400 to $1050. In the beginning, you don’t need to buy a pro-quality surfboard as you’ll need to practice vigorously.

Maybe later, it may seem that it’s not your place, you may quit. So, be rational and save your money. Next, the cost can change depending on the types and brands of the surfboards.

Within $300-$500, you can get generally branded surfboards where professional or renowned brands will be more than $1000. So, let’s start knowing from the types and their average budgets-

1. Shortboard


Just like the name, these boards are smaller in size. These boards are like 5-7 feet in length and come with a unique structure. Shortboards have a pointy nose with 3 fins.

As this board helps to master the user with different wave sizes, it’s perfect for beginner’s level. This type of board comes in $300-$800.

2. Longboard

These boards are the largest like 8feet to 14feet in length. You’ll see professional surfers use longboards. These boards are effective for keeping the user’s stability and they help to float very easily.

These boards have a wide nose, thick & long body with super durability. It seems that longboards are the most expensive option among the types which goes a minimum of $700 to a maximum of $1400.

3. Soft Top

As the name shows, soft top boards have softer tops compared to the other boards. These boards are soft, round, and got well stability.

These boards can catch many waves and maneuvering with this board is extremely easy. That’s why these boards are ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Plus, these boards are long-lasting like 5-10 years. The budget starts from $200 to $450. 

4. Fish Board

Fish boards call fish boards for their design of it. These boards have 4 fins that look like a fish’s tails. These boards have similar sizes like Shortboards, 5-6feet in length.

For the fish-like design, it’s very easy to paddle away from the waves and play with all types of waves with this board. The average budget for this fish board is around $500-$1000.

5. Funboard


For the oval shape of funboards, these boards are also known as egg boards. As for the length and size of the funboard, it’s kind of between shortboard & longboard.

The size of the funboard is between 6feet to 8feet. These boards are not thick like longboards or not thin like shortboards, a unique and suitable measurement that makes surfing fun for the user.

That’s why this board is called funboard. However, these boards are very easy to maneuver and popular for paddling ability.

It’s one of the ideal boards for beginners to master playing with the waves. The price of these boards starts at $400 and goes up to $1000.

6. Pop-out Board

Pop-out surfboards are hard on the outside and soft inside. That means, the outside part of this board is made of fiberglass, and the inside is filled with foam.

These boards are famous for their incredible durability. These boards are heavier than the usual boards and it’s suitable for professional surfers. The price tag of these boards starts from $700 to $1400.

7. Gun Board

Gun boards are specifically made for professional and expert surfers. To ride and tackle big waves, this board is incomparable.

This board is extremely suitable for gaining speed in the big waves. Just like it sounds, using this board is quite hazardous.

The design of this board is a body with 7feet or longer, a thicker width, and a pointy nose with the tail. The cost of this expert board begins from $350 and goes up to $1300.

8. Hybrid Surfboards

Hybrid Surfboards

This board type is a fusion between shortboard and fish board, that’s why it’s called hybrid surfboard. The design of this surfboard is a combination of length, width, and thickness.

This board is ideal for beginners as it’s easy to paddle, maneuver. The budget is around $600-$800.

Extra Costs

You’ll need a leash, that may cost $20-$45. The brand you bought, the leash may include with that otherwise you have to buy that separately. 

A backup fin is extremely necessary. Sometimes a backup fin comes in the product you buy, but if not, you should buy one. A fin costs within $20-$150. Nowadays, almost all brands make boards with removable fin systems, so you can remove them easily and attach your favorable one.

A board bag is must necessary to protect the board from sun and beach sands. A bag will be available within $50-$200.

Wetsuits and board shorts are necessary to keep your skin safe from rashes or allergies. The suits also keep you warm in the ice-cold water. Wetsuits prices are average $40 to $150 whereas shorts are like $20 to $60.

Wax is very necessary to grip the board surface. A good wax pack will be available for $10-$20.

Lastly, if you think of traveling long distances with your precious surfboard, then you’ll need a roof rack as it won’t fit into the car trunk. A good and quality roof rack is available within $100-$200.

How Much Does a Surfboard Cost?


Now, let’s check out a few common questions that arose related to the topic. I have also tried to provide genuine answers to the questions.

Q: How much does a surfboard cost?

Ans: The average price of a surfboard starts from $400 and it goes higher and higher. Within $300, you’ll be able to get a decent quality surfboard where over $1000 will offer you, expert and professional quality boards. 

Q: What budget should a beginner set up for their first surfboard? 

Ans: For beginners, they can get a quality surfboard within $500 and it goes upwards. But, it’s an expert’s suggestion not to buy something expensive at the beginning.

Even a $100 used surfboard will also do the same trick as the $500. So, spend the money rationale. 

Q: How much is a custom surfboard? 

Ans: Customized surfboards are always expensive. If you customize your board a little, then it’ll be $600 and for professional customizing, it’ll be $1000 or more.

Q: How much does a used surfboard cost?

Ans: Well, it depends on the current structure of the used surfboard. A good surfboard, that may be of any type, it’ll cost $200-$600. If the surfboard is in perfect condition, then the price will be added to a few extra hundreds. 

Q: How much does the surfing lesson cost?

Ans: Average anywhere the surfing lesson costs $25-$100. It depends on time or some area. In many areas, a 2 hours surfing lesson only costs $10-$20. 

Final Verdict

Now that’s a wrap! As people think, surfboards can be costly, if you don’t calculate the budget wisely. So, get a surfboard that goes similarly to your skill and your style of surfing.

Otherwise, you’ll not enjoy surfing and get disappointed. There is a small tip I would love to share. You can buy a used surfboard to improve your skills at first.

The used surfboard will be available within $100-$200 which will save a lot of money. Or, you can rent a surfboard from the beach which will cost less than $20.

By doing these you can master your skill and buy your surfboard confidently later. That’s all for today. Happy Surfing!

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