Is a Fish Surfboard Good for Beginners – Yes, But Why?

When you are a novice surfer and still contemplating what surfboard will be right for you. Then, you came to the right place. Surfer novice or skilled needs a surfboard that can ensure flow, speed, smooth glide, and style.

So, if you don’t choose your first surfboard carefully, you may struggle on the water and you may have late improvement. That’s why many people may wonder that “Is a fish surfboard good for beginners?” 

Well, it depends actually. Fish surfboards are very great for many reasons. And today we’ll talk about how and why fish surfboards can be advantageous or troublesome for beginners. Therefore, let’s dig in and continue.

What is a Fish Surfboard?

You can recognize a fish surfboard by only seeing the twin fins with some quad set-up system. The major feature you can notice in a fish surfboard is the tail.

The fishtail is shaped like a V outline in an upside-down way. This shape helps the surfboard to take easy turns and glide smoothly. 

Another amazing characteristic of a fish surfboard is that it has a wider and fuller rail which helps it to paddle easily. For the quad fin set-up, the movement of the surfboard seems more fun and challenging.

Most fish surfboards are thick, rounded, and have full rails that meet the nose. The nose is pointed yet round! Fishtail surfboards are mainly smaller than ordinary surfboards.

For its exceptional design and size, it floats on the water very easily, glides smoothly and effortlessly, and gives a wonderful performance. 

Types of Fish Surfboards

Types of Fish Surfboards

There are multiple types of fish surfboards you can find in the market. According to size and style, you can find your preferred option. We’re giving you the most popular types of fish surfboards-

1. Hybrid Fish Surfboard 

The hybrid fish surfboard is one of the best options for surfers of any skill. Why this one is the best type, you may ask. The reason is the shape. Plus, these boards are extremely easy to maneuver! 

A hybrid fish surfboard has a very exceptional shape which helps it to glide through any kind of wave. These boards can handle any kind of power of waves, so you can ride on the board without worrying.

There are versatile options to choose from different shapes of fish surfboards. Such as quad, twin with dragger fin system or normal twin fin. 

2. Retro 

Retro is the classic fish surfboard as the name suggests! The design is classic with a twin keel which kinda looks like 70s favorite surfboards! Nostalgic! 

As mentioned before with classic design I meant super-wide along with thick rails and a twin fin set-up. With this classic design, any skilled rider can ride on this amazing board in an extra easy way.

It looks stylish plus ensures the extremely best performance on any kind of wave (clear or mushy). With this stunning surfboard, you can control the board with the utmost will, and glide smoothly with less effort.

Therefore, this type of surfboard is one of the best go-to choices for beginners to pros! You can make your progress and start the baby steps of surfing.

Well, if you’ve been looking for the best retro fish surfboard have a look at the products below.

Product 1 Paragon Surfboards Retro Fish Surfboard
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3. Foam Fish Surfboard 

From the name you can already understand this surfboard has foam in materials. For this, the surfboard floats effortlessly on any kind of wave. Even on the smallest waves, this board can ache!

That’s why novice surfers who get intimidated by big waves, can happily practice on this fantastic surfboard. You can learn all the basics on the surfboards. 

Are you finding the best foam fish surfboard? Then you can go for this one – Wavestorm -Soft Top Foam Surfboard.

Design of Fish Surfboard

Now, time to autopsy the fish surfboard design! Let’s go-

  • Dimension: Normally all fish surfboards are smaller in size than ordinary surfboards. What makes a fish surfboard special is the width of the board at the chest level. It lets the novice learners position themselves comfortably and improve. 
  • Tail: You can recognize a fish surfboard by its tail. This iconic fishtail makes the surfboard stand out and gives an extraordinary performance in the water. However, the tail shape can come in versatile designs. For example-wide, swallow or deep tail. Most of the traditional or retro boards have wide and deep tails whereas the modern style boards have shallow or pulled tails. 
  • Volume: The design of the fish surfboard is rounder and wide point. So, normally fish surfboards can handle lots of volumes. 
  • Flat-Rocker: Fish surfboards are extremely easy to paddle. Flat rocker boards are fun to ride and glide. However, performance-based boards have more flick at the tail and nose area. 
  • Fin Set-Up: When it’s fin set-up, there are two varieties available. Twin fin fish and quad fin fish. The twin fin set-up is the best and most popular fin set-up. It’s found on most of the boards. You can choose many design options from the twin set-up. You can learn the basics with this fine set up or improve your skill. 

Design of Fish Surfboard

Then there is a quad fin set-up. This one is popular among those who crave big waves and more challenges in water. Quad fin is used in most performance-based boards. 

Why is the Fish Surfboard Ideal for Beginners?

It’s not recommended for complete novice surfers to use fish surfboards. They should practice with some other beginner-friendly surfboards, then hop on the fish surfboards.

However, if the surfers are in middle-level skill and improving their skills, then they can gladly take fish surfboards for more volume, fun, and challenges. 

Yet, all the people seem to appreciate fish surfboards and in this segment, we’ll see the reason for this hype-

  • Ideal for All  Ages 

Kids or adults can use fish surfboards equally. The design and system of the surfboard are ideal, and lightweight, so even kids can carry them around. For being lightweight, fish surfboards float on any waves effortlessly and glide smoothly. 

  • Stylish Design

Fish surfboards are basically classic and retro designs. For being this style, nowadays these boards are hyped among surfers to get the 70s vibe. Not only style, for being this style the performance comes outstanding! 

  • Easy Paddling

You can paddle on any type of wave with fish boards. With the huge width and foam under the chest of the board, it’s easy to float and paddle through powerful waves. 

  • Small Waves Benefit 

With fish surfboards, you can dominate on small waves, unlike other boards. For beginners who are still practicing on small waves, fish surfboards are magic for them! To pick any kind of wave, this board is an all-rounder! 

Fish Surfboard Ideal

Pros & Cons of Fish Surfboard 

Now let’s recap the advantages and disadvantages of this fish surfboard-

  • Fish surfboards are extremely easy to handle and even kids can handle these.
  • This type of board is ideal and suitable for all ages from kids to adults. 
  • The board ensures more extreme speed than other ordinary surfboards.
  • Extraordinary design with a lightweight, so easy to float on water.
  • Different types and systems are available according to surfers’ skills and preferences. 
  • This surfboard can rip in small waves.
  • It’s hard to catch bigger waves with this board. 
  • Sometimes gliding with a fish surfboard in deep water isn’t stable enough.


Q: Is a fish surfboard ideal for beginners?

Ans: Fish surfboards aren’t ideal or the best option for beginner surfers. A longboard should be ideal for novice learners.

Then, they can practice on longboards and when they reach the intermediate level or professional level, they can take fish surfboards for more fun and challenges. 

Q: What are the benefits of Fish surfboards?

Ans: The first benefit you may say is that, unlike other boards, fish surfboards can handle and paddle through small waves like an ache.

For the wide and large tail, these boards can handle this. Plus, fish surfboards are very lightweight and easy to handle.

Q: Is it hard to ride on a fish surfboard? 

Ans: It’s not different or difficult to learn on fish surfboards. You can catch the waves similarly to other boards. But, beginners may find it more difficult to catch the waves and paddle through them than on longboards. 

Sum Up

In the end, I can say that everyone has a different opinion about is a fish surfboard good for beginners? I’ve given every detail, pros & cons with warnings about the fish surfboard.

Now, it’s up to you to decide which advice you’ll take. I want my readers to enjoy their ride in the water, be safe, and improve their skills. Therefore, choose your surfboard wisely and have a great time on the water!

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