Before Purchasing Must Read these 4 Best Paragon Surfboards Reviews

Paragon has been a reliable name in the world of surfboards. They offer a wide variety of options to choose from for real surfers. In order to make your hunt easier, we are here for you with our best paragon surfboards review. 

Once you go through our list of best paragon surfboards, it will become easier for you to make the final purchase and ride on the ocean. We have only selected 4 items and the content isn’t going to be overwhelming.

About Paragon Surfboard

Being a passionate surfer, it must be hard for you to find a high-end yet budget-friendly surfboard at the same time. Of course, different brands have their way of advertisements, but not all of them offer what they show on the screen. 

To have both quality and value at the same time, Paragon surfboards were made to promote your love for surfing. 

The story behind Paragon started with a group of friends then evolved into a brand. Paragon began to make surfboards for their friends and family at the very early age of production.

Now they are a brand providing high-quality surfboards to millions within a reasonable budget. 

They are a California-based foundation, located at the very edge of Huntington beach. This gives them the benefits to test their surfboards under different phases of the waves. 

Today, there is no turning back with the success of Paragon surfboards. They are one of the most reasonable and reliable surfboard providers surfers can ever have. 

The Rundown

Best for Beginners: Paragon Surfboards Performance Soft-Top Surfboard

People who are just about to enter the fun of surfing can undeniably rely on the smooth deliverance of this soft top board. It is highly flexible, durable and offers everything a beginner needs to jump into the ocean.

Best for Speed: Paragon Surfboards Performance 5’4″ Mini Simmons 

Paragon Mini Simmons is specially made to deliver speed. It can generate sufficient speed in small waves. Surfers who are highly interested in quick moves and stunts should get this shortboard.

Best for Small to Medium Waves: Paragon Surfboards 6’0″ Retro Fish Surfboard

Surfers who like to ride on smaller and medium waves, yet want to surf with fast speed, must try these retro boards. They are appropriate in length and suitable for anyone with fast objectives. 

Best for Look and Smooth Turns: Paragon Surfboards 6’6 Retro Egg Surfboard 

Paragon 6’6 Retro Egg Surfboard is an unstoppable surfboard with its killer look. Surfers of different ages and skills are impressively satisfied with the gentle combination of ocean blue colors.

And the smooth turning design makes it a popular choice.

4 Best Paragon Surfboards Review

Now we’ll go through the review part. Here you are going to learn about every detail of the chosen paragon surfboards

1. Paragon Surfboards Performance Soft-Top 7’6″ Surfboard 

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Get something easy and fun to improve your surfing experience. It has been noted that many longboard and shortboard surfers have been switching to Paragon soft-top surfboard for its easy maintenance and flexibility. 

Paragon Surfboards Performance Soft-Top Surfboard is specially designed for newcomers and intermediate surfers. It is smartly configured to increase beginner’s surfing skills and increase the fun time in the water. 

The most important fact is, surfers who are used to either longboards or shortboards can both comfortably maneuver this surfboard. Because it adjusts to the shape of both longboards and shortboards and combines them both. 

Key Features  

  • High-Quality Ergonomic Shape: This soft-top surfboard features everything a premium surfboard would have. You will get a high-end epoxy core, 3- fins, rail, and bottom outline with a dual bottom closure.
  • Modern Foam-tech Technology: The lightweight and one of the most durable FoamTech technology ensure surfers get a lightweight and fast surfing experience all the way. This mini log is suitable under different wave heights. 
  • EVA Foam: The upper-end EVA foam ensures that there remains no need for wax. It also makes sure surfers don’t face the risk of dings in the midway. 
  • Efficient Volume: This mini log has an efficient volume of 61L, making it ideal for surfers of different skill sets. Any riders within 220lbs will have the opportunity of riding through more waves under various conditions. 

Pros & Cons

  • High-end performance.
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced level surfers. 
  • No need for wax. 
  • Comfortable EVA foam prevents dinging. 
  • Fast operative under different wave circumstances.  
  • Fins included. 
  • Maximum weight capacity 220lbs.  

2. Paragon Surfboards Performance 5’4″ Mini Simmons 

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Inspired by the 1950’s remarkable design of Bob Simmons, the 5’4″ Mini Simmons is a recent shortboard introduced by Paragon. 

This mini shortboard has achieved much popularity within a very short time due to its smart shape and ergonomic design. 

This shortboard aims for higher speed and spontaneous flow within the sharp waves. Although it is an ideal pick for professional and intermediate surfers because its slick design requires experienced hands.

However, beginners can also pursue this shortboard with regular practice and perseverance. 

Made in the city of surfing, California, USA, Paragon mini Simmons is highly durable and fairly qualified with the opportunity of being tested under several wave conditions of Huntington Beach. 

Key Features

  • Durable Configuration: There are double fin boxes with fins included, single to double bottom concave, and an astounding 0.17 kg glass job on top and bottom. All these features outrun the performance of any high-end shortboards. 
  • Durable Polyurethane: The board is made of durable and lightweight polyurethane (PU). It is incredibly strong yet easy to manage and has been tested under a wide variety of waves and weather conditions. 
  • Made for Speed: Paragon 5’4″ mini summons generate incredibly fast speed even in small waves. It is designed especially for speed with high outcomes. Surfers are fond of this fast small shortboard due to its speed generation capacity.
  • Comfortable Paddling: Surfers of any skill level, from beginners to professionals will find its paddling mechanism very flexible. The board is 32.5 lbs in volume and can withstand anyone with 160lbs. 

Pros & Cons

  • Smart size and shape. 
  • Delivers fast speed even with small waves. 
  • Tested successfully under different wave conditions.
  • Durable PU made. 
  • Suitable for surfers of different skill sets. 
  • Weight capacity is only 160lbs. 

3. Paragon Surfboards 6’0″ Retro Fish Surfboard 

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Without the next paragon retro surfboard, our list of paragon surfboards reviews will be incomplete. The Paragon 6’0″ Retro fish is your next fast, fun, and fashionable surfboard for medium to small ocean waves. 

Surfers are often aware of the unstable and weak waves when they hit the board. Well, Paragon Surfboard 6’0″ Retro Fish Surfboard is specially designed to act stable against feeble waves. 

For several years, Paragon Retro Fish has been on the favorite list of many regular surfers. Its smart appearance, bold color combination, and high-performance capability are one step ahead of its time.  

Key Features 

  • High-Performance Board: There are dual fin boxes with available fins and fin keys, single-double bottom concave, and a 0.17 kg top to bottom glass work with a gloss finish. These are some premium features outgrowing the high performance of many professional boards. 
  • Durable Construction: This retro fish surfboard is made of special epoxy glass. Epoxy glass is known to be extremely durable yet lightweight and proven to be sufficient under different circumstances. 
  • Easy Control with Consistent Paddles: With the simple paddling process, this shortboard is an easy choice for surfers with any skill set. From beginners to professional surfers, anyone can enjoy surfing with this boat. 
  • Maximum Speed, More Fun: Paragon Retro Fish is known to create incredible fast speed even in the smaller waves. Surfers who love to make it fast must get this retro model for the ultimate show. 

Pros & Cons

  • Delivers higher performance. 
  • Suitable for small to medium waves. 
  • Faster in speed even in smaller waves. 
  • Any surfers from beginners to advanced level find this board very comfortable. 
  • Durable and lightweight. 
  • Weight capacity is within 200lbs only. 

4. Paragon Surfboards 6’6 Retro Egg Surfboard 

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Paragon 6’6 Retro Egg is a classic surfboard. It is inspired by the late 1960’s popular double-ender, keeping the traditional style in mind. 

This retro egg surfboard focuses mostly on maintaining the spontaneity of flow. With the smart combination of light blue followed by the deep blue mandala on the bottom, this surfboard is a piece of magnificence and style. 

Eliminating the drawbacks of both longboards and shortboards, the Paragon Retro Egg surfboard creates something more fitting for beginners and professionals.

Any surfers with a minimum to advanced level of surfing skill can ride on this board with maximum comfort and flexibility. 

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Shape: Every feature and service included in Paragon Retro Egg is in equilibrium with any top-notch surfboard out there. With Paragon Retro Egg, you will have a 7-inch fin, a down rocker, a single bottom contour, and a 0.17kg, top and bottom glass work with glossy closing.
  • Durable Construction: The body of Retro Egg is made of polyurethane (PU). Polyurethane is known to be incredibly durable and strong. You can try it under different kinds of wave conditions. 
  • Compatible: This board has a volume of 44L. It is perfectly compatible with surfers of any level including beginners to intermediate. 
  • Refund Policy: The brand offers a refund policy for surfboards that come damaged. This option is only available for surfboards that are harmed in the process of shipping or delivery. 
  • Quick Turns: Despite its unique look, this surfboard is also effectively successful in offering an exciting surfing experience to you. Trying different moves and taking quick turns is a piece of cake for you with Paragon Retro Egg Surfboard. 

Pros & Cons

  • durable and strong surfboard. 
  • Suitable for surfers of any level. 
  • Gives better opportunities for smart turns and moves. 
  • Beautiful and classic design. 
  • Single fin for better cuts. 
  • Weight capacity 220lbs only. 

What to Consider Before Choosing The Best Paragon Surfboard?

Now that we are done with our Paragon surfboards review. It is time to help you with the prerequisites before you finally purchase a Paragon surfboard. 

Things that should always be in your mind before you buy a Paragon Surfboard are: 


The first and foremost thing that you should consider is the price. Paragon surfboards are less expensive than many renowned surfboard brands. 

However, their initial pricing starts with $450 and limits within $699. Any average paragon surfboard would cost you around $550. 

So, if you are planning on buying a paragon surfboard, you better prepare yourself with the budget range as well. Paragon surfboards are indeed cheaper than usual.

But aiming for a too low-priced surfboard can cost you quality and effectiveness as well. 

Types of Surfboard

There are different kinds of surfboards. Although for a beginner, different surfboards may feel the same. To meet your competency or level of skill, it is mandatory to know about different surfboards. 

Egg Surfboard

As we mentioned earlier, Paragon Retro 6’6 is an egg surfboard. Egg surfboards are made by combining both longboards and shortboards. It is an entertaining surfboard with its chunky shape and size. 

Most paragon egg-shaped surfboards start with 6′ to 8’5 inches. When it comes to paragon retro, you will have a 6’6 inches board. 

These boards are preferable in a wide surface area, allowing more opportunity for beginners. 

Bonus: Egg-shaped surfboards have this particular name due to their egg-shaped nose. 

Shortboard Surfboard

Shortboard surfboards are very popular among professional and midway surfers. These kinds of surfboards are best known for their quick and clever turns wrapped in high performance.

Surfers who love to retain the fun and entertainment of surfing all the way should get paragon shortboards. 

Paragon shortboards are available in 5 to 6.5 feet. Some of the popular paragon shortboards are Mini Simmons 5’4, Lil Dipper Turquoise 6’11, and some others. 

Longboard Surfboards

Longboards are in special favor of beginners and professionals as well. These kinds of boards start with 9′ and above. Due to their higher ground and length, longboards offer more stability and let surfers get more waves. 

Some of the famous surfing moves you can have with longboards are nose riding, 360, cross-stepping, and many more. 

Paragon has prepared their 9’0 retro nose rider model especially for the nose riding trick.  

Fish Surfboard

If you are looking for speed while surfing, the best option for you is the fish surfboards. They are widely known for their swallowtail style. 

Because you will be needing additional paddling strength for speed, fishtail surfboards are best for intermediate and professional surfers. 

They come in a variety of sizes. For paragon, the best fishtail surfboards are from the retro models. 


Whatever surfboard you’re using, the board must be durable. Plus, it must be able to perform for a very long time. So, your chosen board must be constructed with quality materials.


There are some other facts such as level of experience, size, color, style, weight capacity, etc. However, in that case I think you’ll find other guides or maybe figure out the suitable one for you.

Make sure to select one that goes perfectly with your surfing performance. Moreover, follow the other features and instructions before purchasing one.


Q. Why Are Paragon Surfboards So Cheap? 

Answer. Paragon focuses on delivering budget-friendly surfboards at the doorstep of all surfing enthusiasts. They want to spread the fun of surfing to every corner of the world. 

One of the best reasons why paragon surfboards are cheaper than other surfboards is because their boards are built overseas. 

Q. What is the Best Paragon Surfboard?

Answer. There you’ll find lots of productions of Paragon. However, among their items, we have already suggested 4 items. Now it’s your turn to check the reviews and order the suitable one.

Q. Where Are Paragon Surfboards Made? 

Answer. Paragon surfboards are made out of Huntington Beach, California. These boards are designed and tested by professional surfers on the beach of Huntington. 

This gives them the wide opportunity to be tested under different circumstances and wave conditions making them one of the most reliable surfing brands.

Final Words

When you were in search of the best paragon surfboards review, we have made the job easier for you. In this content, we have recommended, 4 best surfboards from paragon.

Now you have to consider the features and go through the guide and other FAQs in order to find a suitable product for you. We are sure that you’re going to get your dream broad from this list.

So now it’s time to end the content but before that a suggested article for you – Best hyperflex wetsuit reviews.

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