What Do You Wear Under A Wetsuit? [Guide for Men and Women]

Those of you who swim or surf regularly know how useful wetsuits can be for long-term underwater adventures. Every diver needs to wear a wetsuit for a long time diving. But what do you wear under a wetsuit? 

Wetsuits are responsible for maintaining the optimum temperature of swimmers’ bodies. 

Because swimmers or Surfers need to stay underwater for a long time, their body temperature can often be hampered due to the cold temperature of the water. 

Wetsuits are neoprene-made bodysuits to hold the temperature of your body. Many swimmers prefer wearing no other clothes under their wetsuit. That’s completely alright. But, it may not turn out as lucky as everything.  

This is why we will be helping you with a list of suits you can wear under the wetsuit for a better and safe experience with swimming. 

How do Wetsuits Work?

Wetsuits are made of one type of synthetic rubber called neoprene. This neoprene is reliable for trapping heat inside the suit to keep you warm. 

How does it work? Wetsuits trap a thin layer of water between the swimmer’s body and the neoprene layer.

This thin layer of water is constantly being heated with the normal body temperature of the swimmer. Which in turn, keeps the wearer’s body at normal temperature. 

Wetsuits always keep the wearer’s body wet with warm water. Hence, it is called a wetsuit. 

What would have happened if there was no thin layer of water?  

If there was no trapped layer of water, there would have been no protective layer between your body and the neoprene surface. Neoprene is not enough alone to protect you from the sensation of cold water. 

Hence, diving for a longer time, without this thin layer, your body temperature would go down and it may become unbearable at a certain point. 

What Do You Wear Under A Wetsuit? 

Most people prefer to wear a swimsuit under their wetsuit. When it comes to men, most of them prefer to wear board shorts or rash undershorts only. 

However, it is not the same for women. In this part of our article, we will talk separately about wearable garments both for men and women.  

What to wear under a wetsuit ( for women) 


Tri suit is the best choice for any swimmer. It is best suited for a triathlon ( a sport containing three different athletes like swimming, diving, and running). 

Hence, it is best if you get a tri suit to wear under your wetsuit. Tri suits are super lightweight and stretch perfectly with your body. 

While changing, they give the full freedom to stick to your body and open up the wetsuit. 


Swimsuits come best after tri suits. They can be found gender-wise for men and women. 

Swimsuits suppress your body shape in the water making swimming more flexible for you. Most of them are made of hydrophobic fabrics reducing drag. 

While wetsuits are built to be worn in colder water, you can wear swimsuits in warm water and maintain an optimal body temperature all the time. 

You can avoid wearing a wetsuit in cold water. However, you can never imagine swimming without swimsuits or swim skins. They are mandatory. 

Sports Bra

If you opt-out of the two options mentioned above, it is best to get a sports bra under your wetsuit. 

Many professionals may not like the idea of sports bras. However, thick padded or heavy sports bras are not ideal for swimming. 

If you are planning on going with this option, you better go for the thin and penetrated molded cup-based sports bra. 

They are lightweight and often safe to wear when you are going for a swim. 

Compression Shorts (for women)

When you are wearing a sports bra on top, it is best to go with compression shorts for lower garments. 

They are made of high-quality materials like spandex and offer you flexibility with extra muscle stretch. You can completely rely on these shorts under your wetsuits. 

However, it is wise to avoid regular underwear under compression shorts. They won’t dry out easily and hence, be a reason for itchy and sore sensation. 

These are the wearable clothes you can wear under your wetsuits. We have separated both of the parts for men and women. Hence, this goes for the ladies only. 

What to wear under a wetsuit (for men) 

Tri suit and Swimsuits

Tri suit and swimsuits are unisex wearables. Both men and women can wear them. And they come in separate shapes for different genders. 

Hence, wearing tri suits or swimsuits beneath the wetsuit can be an ideal choice for men as well. 

They offer extra flex of the body making it easier for you to swim. 

Compression Pants

Men don’t need to wear tops all the time. Hence, compression pants are enough for most of the time as wearable getups below the wetsuits. 

Compression pants are also available in different sizes both for men and women. In any swimming or surfing shop, you can find ideal compression pants for yourself. 


Boardshorts can be an easy and comfortable choice for men. They are made of comfortable fabric and loose in setting.

If you do not prefer to go with heavy-duty swimsuits or tri-suits, then boardshorts are the best option for you. They are also very cheap. 

However, you have to make sure the boardshorts you are about to wear under the wetsuit are not too loose in the setting.

Otherwise, it may jot down under the wetsuit and make swimming harder for you. 

Speedo style suits

Speedo-style suits can be an ideal choice for men and women. They come in style and are very budget-friendly. 

Speedo-style suits do not only increase your performance but also promote style while swimming. Men all over the world are loving the incredible transformation they experience while they wear these stylish suits. 

The same goes for women as well. Speedo suits are available for women also. 

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What Do You Wear Under A Wetsuit?


Q. Do you wear undies under a wetsuit? 

Ans: You can wear undergarments under your wetsuits. There is no big deal about it. However, any regular underwear will soak water and make you feel uncomfortable when you are out of water. 

Then again, it will feel awkward if your lower part takes the shape of your underwear over your wetsuit. Well, this happens with cotton underwear and you should avoid them. 

Q. How do you stay warm in a wetsuit? 

Ans: To have proper service out of your wetsuit, you need to make sure your wetsuit fits perfectly with your body. If it is loose in setting or not of your size, you will not get the best result out of it. 

Wetsuits are specially made to take cold water in and heat it with the instant temperature of your body before your body gets in contact with the cold water. 

However, you can also start by pouring warm water into your wetsuit before you jump into the cold water. This will keep you warm in the water and make sure your body temperature remains sustainable.  

Q. How long does it take for a wetsuit to warm up? 

Ans: It is the functionality of the wetsuits that cold water seeps into the fabrics and takes heat against your body to warm up, which in turn keeps your body warm in the cold ocean. 

The entire process is very reliable and useful. And it will take only 7-10 minutes for your wetsuit to warm up. 

Q. How cold is too cold for a wetsuit? 

Ans: Wetsuits are specially made for swimming in the cold water. However, even if they are made for cold water, there is a limit that you must follow to stay on the safe side. 

The temperature range between 50-78 is ideal for wetsuits. If you happen to cross that limit for some reason, your body may overheat or fail to provide proper insulation in cold water. 

Q. Can you drown wearing a wetsuit? 

Ans: Yes. Wetsuits are responsible for keeping your body warm. They don’t offer additional facilities where you can have the privilege to float. 

Many professional divers and swimmers have drowned wearing wetsuits. Hence, always be careful about maintaining guidelines for swimming safety.

Q. Does a wetsuit keep you dry? 

Ans: No. Wetsuits keep you warm but they do not keep you dry. Wetsuits are made with insulating quality which will keep you warm even when you are wet. 

Final Words

A wetsuit is a potential choice for every professional or intermediate swimmer, diver, and other water athletics. 

Many of them prefer to wear nothing under wetsuits and that’s quite normal unless you have no idea where you are heading towards. 

If you are participating in any dual athletes or where you need to change your wetsuit for the next event it is best to keep it safe under your wetsuit. 

We have provided a full guide both for men and women on what do you wear under a wetsuit.

If you like our article, do let others know who is facing a problem on what to wear and what to not underneath their wetsuit. 

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