What is a Grom Surfboard – Everything You Need to Know

You must have heard about surfing and you should know that you need a surfboard for surfing. Maybe you are a rookie in surfing and you are getting familiar with new types of surfboards.

So, have you ever noticed a Grom surfboard? I guess you did and that’s why you are here. Don’t worry I got some detailed information for you.

So, now your main concern must be “what is a grom surfboard?”

A Grom Surfboard is a short-length surfboard made for younger surfers and It has a width of 19-20″ so a younger surfer can fit their arm around the surfboard.

A grom surfboard is mainly made for children to comfort their surfing and make it easier for them.

Well, the above info might not be enough to give you a proper vision. Don’t worry, we have a whole article for you. Just keep reading to learn more.

Everything About a Grom Surfboard

A surfboard is a slim plank. People use it for surfing. A surfboard is quite light but they are strong enough to hold somebody standing on it while surfing.

There are many kinds of surfboards. For example, Shortboards, Fish boards, Funboards, Longboards, and Grom boards. We will talk about the Grom Surfboard here.

A Grom Surfboard is generally short in length and it has a width of between 19-20″. It’s generally made for younger surfers so they can easily fit their arms around the board.

It has a perfect shape so the kids can reach their arms to the paddles. The board has so many sizes depending on the surfers’ height and weight.

Why Are Grom Boards Used?

Why Are Grom Boards Used

Grom surfboards are specially made for kids who are beginners at surfing. The length of the board is generally short and the width is between 19-20″ so a young surfer can fit their arms around the deck and take full control of it.

It’s a helpful board for beginners. It’s pretty easy to take control of the board. The board comes in a perfect shape for the kids. It helps them to master surfing from the beginning.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Grom Surfboard?

Well, before you purchase a grom surfboard there are a few facts you must have to consider. The facts are given below.


A Grom surfboard is normally short in length and it’s pretty wide. But it has a few varieties of sizes depending on the body of the rider.

Here’s a chart of the Size of the Grom Surfboard –

Size Width  Thickness  Volume
4’10” 17  ¾” 1  ¾” 15.70
5’0″ 17  ⅞” 1  ⅞” 17.30
5’1″ 18″ 2″ 18.50
5’2″ 18″ 2 1/16″ 19.50
5’3″ 18 1/16″ 2 1/16″ 19.90
5’4″ 18 1/8″ 2 ⅛” 20.90
5’5″ 18 1/4″ 2 ⅛” 21.40
5’6″ 18 3/8″ 2 3/16″ 22.50
5’7″ 18 1/2″ 2 3/16″ 22.90
5’8″ 18 1/2″ 2 3/16″ 23.50

The board size mainly depends on the kid’s height and weight. A slide change of height or weight can change the board’s size. So, you should buy a little bit longer board from the kid’s size.

So that they can learn with it while they grow up. Grom surfboards are generally 19-20″ wide. A Grom surfboard is generally small so the surfers can easily fit their arms around the board so the groms can reach their hand to the paddle. 

The length of the board depends on the surfer’s height. The surfer’s height will increase day by day. So, I advise you to choose a slightly longer board than the surfer’s size.

So they can learn to surf with it while growing up. If the kid is a pre-teen/ early teen then the length should be 0.6 meters longer than the kid’s size.

And if the kid is closing in on adulthood then it should be 0.3 meters longer. A slightly extra volume is always helpful for them to paddle past the impact zone and into the waves with comfort.

What Grooms Need in a Grom Surfboard

What Grooms Need

A Grom board should be short in length and around 20 inches wide. It should have a smaller body size so the surfers can easily balance it.


The grooms don’t know which shape is perfect for them. They just choose the design of the board and start practicing surfing with it. We adults must help them choose the right shape for them. 

Your grom won’t try to surf on massive waves before master surfing. They will just play on little waves unless they master surfing.

So it’s not necessary to choose the shape in the beginning. Just let them practice until they discover everything about surfing. But a tail shale board is perfect for kids to start with. 

Unless your kid is an expert surfer, you can skip the pintail and use a square tail, a squash tail. And for the expert surfers, you should choose a swallowtail.

There is no need for any overly forceful rocker in a grom surfboard. A standard single or double concave will be enough.

Fun Shapes and Longboards

A Grom board is generally made for kids. But it also has Fun shapes and longboards too. There are short grom boards everywhere in the market but there are plenty of longboards too.

The fun shapes and longboards help the groms to master surfing easily before shifting into a shortboard. A fun shape or longboard is specifically made to help your grom to learn the basics of surfing.

If the width is larger than the surfer’s arm’s reach then it would be difficult for a beginner to control the board. That’s why a fun shape or longboard is a better choice for starting.

Differences Between Grom Surfboards And Other Boards

There are many kinds of surfboards. For example Shortboards, Fish boards, Funboards, Longboards, and Grom boards.

The Grom boards are short in length and it’s pretty wide and it’s mainly made for kids so they can easily reach their arms around the deck to paddle. 

The Shortboards are generally under 7feet in length and 18″-22″ wide. But the size depends on the surfer’s height and weight. A Short surfboard is not a good choice for beginners. Because it’s pretty hard to ride.

The Fish boards are normally around 5feet in length but some mega boards are over 8feet and the width of this board is around 2 to 6 inches. It’s a perfect surfboard for all ages.

It’s a great surfboard for beginners who have already mastered the basics of surfing. Here is a suggestion for you if you are a fish board fan – Formula Fun Shortboard Fish 5’3″ 

They are between 6’6″ to 8’6″ in length and 20″-22″ in width. It’s the best choice for beginners to choose. You can check for Boardworks Froth. It’s a popular fun board at present.

The Longboards are over 8feet in length and over 20 inches in width. It can be longer and wider depending on the height and weight of the rider.

An 8’5″ long and 30″ wide crusher longboard is the best size for beginners. The wide deck gives them extra support to balance the board. If you need suggestions for a longboard then go for – The wave storm 8′ Surfboard.


Q: How do I Choose a Grom Surfboard?

Ans: A Grom Surfboard should have a smaller size in mind for the younger surfers so they can easily fit their arms around the deck.

A grom surfboard is generally made for kids who are new to surfing and it should have the perfect shape and size for those groms.

The board’s size depends on the grom’s height and weight. You should buy a slightly longer board for the rider so the rider can learn with it while growing up.

Q: What is Grom Size?

Ans: Grom means a newbie surfer. A grom’s size is its height and weight. The board’s size depends on the grom’s size.

Q: What are a kook and a grom?

Ans: A kook is a surfer who has a really bad attitude and a grom is a kid who is a newbie surfer. The difference between a grom and a kook isn’t the skill level, it’s the attitude.

Q: Can you ride shortboards on small waves?

Ans: Yes, you can ride shortboards on small waves but it’s very difficult to surf on a small wave. The Shortboards are generally made for large waves. When you ride on a large wave with a shortboard it performs very well.


So now you know everything about what is a grom surfboard. If your kid likes surfing then you should let them surf. If you are thinking of buying a surfboard then a grom surfboard is a perfect choice.

It has a great shape for them to learn surfing. A grom surfboard has a short length and it’s pretty wide that’s why it’s easier to fit a kid’s hand around the deck.

It’s easy to reach their hand to the paddle too. You should choose a slightly longer board than your kid’s size. So, they can learn with it while growing up.

Because your kid is growing up day by day, it’s a good idea to choose a slightly bigger board so that when your kid grows up they can feel comfortable or just adjust to the board perfectly.

Grom surfboards provide your kid with modern surfboard technology. It helps them to master surfing at a young age.

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